Anyone tried Querkle?

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    elfo777 Well-Known Member


    I am looking for the best tasting strains. I heard that Querkle is one of those, is this true? Has anyone tried it? I've seen a few smoke reports but I want more opinions.

    How does it smell? Taste? Yield? High?

    Is it worth it overall? A bit pricey.

    Thanks in advance
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    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    a lot of TGA varieties taste really great, most strains on their menu is likely super flavorful. Of the TGA varieties I have grown I d have to say Space Bomb is probably my favorite but also such a low yielder she's a bitch!

    From my experience, there is no one best tasting strain, my number one recommendation for new growers and people still looking for a good tasting strain is to grow a wide diversity of varieties from different origins until you find what you really like.

    Some of the most memorable smell and taste I have experienced that were not from home made crosses are:, spacebomb, respect, MEMORY LOSS, more cowbell . I think the memory loss wins for overall best for yield smell taste bag appeal.

    Sometimes I get tired of Jack but its in a lot of my crosses and it brings in a lot of raw potency, resin coverage and yields. Not so much for taste. If you are looking for the very best tasting strains look for the lowest yielding ones ...
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    esh dov ets

    esh dov ets Well-Known Member

    should be tasty and sweet. related to purple urkle
    not sure about tga but i'm sure i had the nugs.
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    elfo777 Well-Known Member

    Ty Santa :D

    And Esh.

    I'll go get the querkle then

    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    I grew querkle, it had small buds pretty frosty that tasted grapey, but not worth growing again for me. The high is weak for me, typical indica and kinda low strength. Got the clone from a local dispensary, from past experience TGA strains kinda lack punch , some got good flavors, i like the jack the ripper and JTR crosses. I also grew TGA plushberry and ace of spaces from clone, and i am currently growing TGA chernobyl from seed.
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    Blazin Purps

    Blazin Purps Well-Known Member

    I grew some Querkle out a while back and it always smelled great but never translated to taste. Very weak high on my pheno as well but it was from only a single seed. Medium yielder, I grew her 3 rounds but she wasnt worth keeping. She was a looker though


    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    exceptional flavor and effects, needs physical support growing. Nice smell, real nice always a pleasure. I bore of it quickly though, so run it every couple of years.

    over the years I grew every cannabis cup winner from every country, and then hundreds more strains too. I found the best for me all around were chemdogs hands down. they tick every box every time and never a drag. but thats me. tga rocks it in the flavor dept though. My entire garden has been transformed to only chemdog representations and hybrids. its a very real trip
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    David Boggs

    David Boggs Well-Known Member

    there is a LOT BEATER beans to be had then tga beans and I would not waist no moor of my time buying his SHIT BEANS.. ky
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    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    I liked querkle had a green pheno & a purple one as well looks & taste great but not over potent easy to grow medium yielder
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    Just fooling

    Just fooling Well-Known Member

    I grew out a small pack and had three females. Two of the three were very purple almost black. The smell was the nicest thing about the plants. The loudest had a great grapey smell and flavor. They all had similiar.
    The yields were on the small side of things. With longer vegging and training would be better I just grew them out natural style looking for something to keep.
    The high I can not recall as being to much either. I did keep my favorite and put it outside that summer. Outdoors as a clone she still was small overall but finished quick and had the dark almost black buds.
    I wouldn't do them again but my 3 fems is a very small quantity to make a good judgment.
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    We ran 1000's of TGA beans literally over several years and in hindsight..

    I would say not worth it at all, despite it being a super pretty, promising plant that smells great and frosts really early with colour hues, seemed like our top pick a couple times, out of few-dozen litters, and each time, it was a major let down potency and flavour and effect wise, I actually found better flavour and way more potency in the rare Chernobyl phenos and any organic SLHz vs the Querkles, and 25 other strains we ran, most were a let down compared to smell or look but we found some super fire ones after all that work, as well.. but yeah the symmetrical stout seemingly perfect nature, with frost and color and smell meant nada come smoke time. Side note, results seemed to shine a bit more on the organic side, both in terms of terpene profiles and smell, an edge in frost perhaps, but still a strain we would never consider giving away, never mind selling, but thats just us!! We just wanna look out for the people, Canadians especially

    Stay cool,

    ScaryHarry45 Well-Known Member

    Seems to be an ongoing thread for TGA across all the boards. Seems he breeds for bag appeal from I've gathered. That being said I have not personally ran any of his gear nor do I plan to. I know this may sound odd but just the names of the TGA strains turn me off lol. There's so many other great breeders to try right now at much lower prices.
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    elfo777 Well-Known Member

    Hey Tesla, thanks for the post, very helpful. I guess you have quite a lot of experience if you grew that much seeds from them.

    I guess I'll look somewhere else then, :P
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    BudMan'10 Well-Known Member

    Agree 100% with DonTesla. Have run a few of his strains. Querkle (probably my last although still have beans in the vault), was lovely looking, slow vegging and medium yielding. Except for great bag appeal nothing stood out, the smoke was very ordinary, (as I find with a lot of his stuff) and after a week or so I was using it as mix for hash and oil. Like a lot of breeders, no doubt there's keepers to be found, however, in 50+ seeds I had no luck and have moved on. Overall, find Subcool sub par!


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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Happy to save you from disappointment @elfo777

    that one cultivar is more of a calendar strain, not a true headstasher!
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    prostheticninja Well-Known Member

    Used to pick up Querkle every time I would go to the dude's house. He had this pheno that was intensely grapey and she would smoke like a champ. Thick, heavy, smoke that was potent as hell. Maybe he just had a banger pheno, as the strain sounds pretty variable, but it was most definitely worth the price.

    I have never grown it, but after trying his, I have a five pack in my seed stash to run this summer.
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Wow, hey, when was that? Maybe back in its F1 days or maybe your right, maybe 1 in 10 females are strong. You'll probably have luck with your past ;)

    prostheticninja Well-Known Member

    '13-early '15

    I don't have high hopes for my mini pheno hunt lol. I feel like I would have to be pretty lucky to find anything that resembles the cut I have tried.

    We will see!

    edit: changed "photo" to pheno

    elfo777 Well-Known Member

    Do you have a grow journal ?

    prostheticninja Well-Known Member

    Nope. I might keep one when I start the Querkle, come May, as I will be running Pure Irene by Cannaventure (bring on the hate :fire:) at the same time. I paid too much for those beans to not grow them to their full potential, and I may need some help with that.

    I'm flowering out Bubba Kush by HSO (harvesting today); Blue Sky Dream (hasn't sexed yet so she/he might not be staying) by New420guy Seeds; Pineapple Chunk by Barney's; Dinachem by Dinafem; White Domina by Kannabia; and Amnesia by VIP right now and vegging White Widow by Seedsman; Kush-n-Cheese by Dinafem; Landysh by VIP; and a bagseed. Nothing that deserves a journal :eyesmoke:

    Nah, they are looking like some solid gear, but they aren't some special cut or strains no one has seen before, if you know what I mean.
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