Aquaponics..I'm thinking of doing it..Have you?


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I do the same thing. My aquaponics and mj tray use use the same water to the reservoir cheapest grow ever

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I'm back.
I've rebuilt my grow. It's a little bigger.20181123_193244.jpg 8' x 3' with a 65 gal fish tank.20191119_191112.jpg.
I had it running but just growing tomatoes.20190124_175625.jpg. I added shower curtains to help with the light a bit. Lights were lousy. LEDS but a bad spectrum. Everything stretched for light. I got tomatoes, peppers, watercress, chamomile. I guy I know asked me to take some plants from him. He was growing 6 of them in a closet with little twisty fluorescent bulbs.
"You want 2? My wife wants them out of the house."
This motivated me to buy more lighting.
When he came to give them to me there were 6 plants.
"I thought you were giving me 2 and giving the others to other people?"

"I was but there wives don't want them either. You still want them?"


So here is what I got.grow1.jpggrow2.jpggrow3.jpg

And here is last week.grow4.jpggrow5.jpg

and this morninggrow7.JPGgrow8.JPG
I'm quite sure that 4 of them are females. Little white feathers are sprouting.
What I'm happy about is that the growth you see is just 3 weeks to the day.
So the nutes seem to be there and the lighting seems to be enough we'll just wait and see....
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