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Very nice, I do a lot of oil painting, started watching William Alexander and got stuck into landscape for a while, but I really enjoy fantasy art. Funny thing about it, landscape sells, fantasy doesn't. I'm in the process of converting a shed into a small studio. I'm wanting to try airbrushing out. I remember back in the 70's, before conversion vans, people would customize cargo van's and have murals airbrushed on them. Use to love seeing them go down the road. Maybe just me, but seems like those were better times.


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Saw the Louvre in Paris, Beautiful works of Art, along with some pretty strange contributions. Go on Edibles, Trip Hard. :-)


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I love the paintings, I get the second one being Pinocchio with his nose cut off and blood everywhere, but I can’t wrap my head around the first one, is it a crucified woman or a woman with long legs and arms? Still I love the dark style of your drawings. I’d love it even more if they were on a Print-Service you could upload it to such a website, if you’d love to share your work of course.