Attempting to create a multi-level grow. Minimum heights?


I'm pretty sure my plants are going to out grow my current tent so I'm looking at upgrading before they do.

I have a 5'x2'x8' closet available. I was hoping I could use this space as 2 different tents.

To do this my plan was to split the closet into 2 light sealed sections. The bottom section would be 5' tall, the top section would be 3'. I believe 3' would be plenty to veg with T5s or CFLS. However, I feel like 5' will be too short for a proper flower tent.

Would that actually work?

If it wouldn't is 4' tall enough for a scrog? The other option I was thinking was to run 2 scrog grows on top of eachother, 4' tall each.


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You can keep a scrog pretty low.
You can get pots that are wider then they are tall. And have your mesh 6”-8” above the pot. Should be able to keep the top of your canopy 24-30” total height quite easily.

I assume you would want to run leds?

You might be better doing a 2x4x8 then have a 2x1x8 beside it. Split that in half and have a veg space and room for fans and controllers