Aussie Growers Useing LEDs


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I don't know what induction is but advanced led lights which are made in the USA seem to have a lot of good reviews. I put the address for them on another site though under there lighting section. I forget the address off the top of my head but there supposed to be better than the chinese pieces of crap.


They expected.... better light less energy with less heat...... I see 3 - 5+ watt diodes are used now because the lesser failed !.... so for the same comparable, energy say (600watt) theres a lot less canopy action as compared to a 600hps...granted...less heat yes, but you and I can control that. Better off with a 600hps atm. Face the facts....its a chinese con and I, like most, got conned. .....induction is the bomb when they get it together properly, but a ways to go yet with that technology.
LEDs look good but dont work!
Led have gotten much better I'm useing only a 150w panel with red/blue spectrum 4500 lumun output has to stage growth switch one switch on for veg both switches on for growth and flowers it's a much more noticeable red spectrum light with both switches on an it's doing the job great in my girls if I leave a crack in the wardrobe it looks like a rain bow of beams of light spreading out on the floor ;p with all the different spectrum blues and reds it looks crazy


The problem with LEDS is the good LED companies charge like a wounded bull... for Aussie that means A LOT of green backs and pineapples...

Plus when the Govermnent bring in the $200 dollar threshold for GST thanks to billionaire wankers like Gerry Harvey lobbying the Goverment to change we will be fucked even more.

A 51 seems to be the best option so far with quality for price... but I found "" which seem to be Eshine leds, similar in make or should I say design to advanced.. they offer a 3 year warranty... and not too bad of a price
I'm using some cheap chinese ones at the moment, if you want to follow my grow it's in the location bar. It's going alright at the moment.


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The little light you see there is capable of around 3-4 square ft in vegetation. And about 3 ft in bloom. It's a GS-135 90w LED.

This is my first time doing an indoor grow. And that cabinet may just get converted over to a vegging chamber. With something a few feet taller... and maybe a lil wider for blooming



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I know. I know. I'm rooting a dead horse. Got it. Just thought I'd post an update from what I started with. To what I've now got.

Blurple cab is now upgraded with a 1sq foot scrog mesh. Has new fans. And height adjustments on light. Currently running with a 10 day old Barneys Farm Pineapple Chunk.

The big bastard is running twin Vero 29C modules. 3500k spectrum. 1.4A drive current. And 182w of output. Lights and parts sourced from cutter electronics.
That one is running a mystery lady going for round two. This time, with 3sq foot of scrog to play with. Helps that I manifolded it in first round.