Back again, may 2018 be filled with BUDS!

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    Pee_You Well-Known Member

    pruned the GG#1 and Lemon Walker.Got my new beans this morning! 9 days to the ECoast! Replacing the seedlings that have passed :cry:

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    Pee_You Well-Known Member

    My SFSD popped in less than 22 hours!!!! :D

    New flower room. Still need to get a few things. It's alright for now

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    Pee_You Well-Known Member

    vegging.jpg The "Skunk" is DH ShoreLine

    4.5.18 STD.jpg
    2 more weeks until she gets the chop!!!! STD

    Close to a month and shes already showing hairs!!!

    Pee_You Well-Known Member

    This morning, walked in the room and all you can smell is a sour stank :hump: Threw in a 150w HPS for additional lighting. Attempted to tie a string around the branches that are tilting over the rim rim of the pots. Stakes are only doing so much to hold the branches up. I need to figure this issue our before my next flowering plant does the same thing!!! enjoy!

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    morgwar Well-Known Member

    Liking the new setup!
    Heard good things about the shoreline.

    Pee_You Well-Known Member

    What's up Morgwar big brother man!!!

    I apologize as I've been super busy and exhausted to keep up with this semi journal. So I had recieved my new eye loupe on 4/9/18 and checked how the thrichomes were looking. Let me state this before anything... It was the very first day of week 7. Blowwwwwsss my mind that nearly 50% of the plant was cloudy with a few already turning amber!!! Ended up doing a emergency harvest within the next few minutes. Harvested and was shocked but upset.

    The wet weight of nugs was exactly 146.0 grams and 36.0 grams of trim.
    Dried weight of nugs was exactly 71.0 and 13.4

    Definitely wasn't thrilled about the yeild but I have a good idea what I could've done better. ALOT better. :wall:

    Quality.... HOLY SHIT

    A buddy who continues to boast about how much he yields said, "Think of quantity, not quality when you grow dude".... .... .... o_O :roll:

    Fudge that! GIve me quality over quantity any day or night!!!! :lol:

    My buds came out great!!! Dense, tight nugs with a light blue-ish tint and stinks of gas mixed lightly with that fresh, dried bud smell! No skunk stink at all.

    Each is his own but I'd rather focus on quality :blsmoke:

    Smoke report will be coming, until then peace and love!!!

    P.S: GG#4 and Lemon Walker are both flowering. Updates will come, stay tuned!
    STD dried nug.jpg
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    morgwar Well-Known Member

    It'll likely be a drastic improvement over dispensery bud that's for sure.
    Lookin good!

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    Pee_You Well-Known Member

    Thank You big brother man! Most definitely! The one thing I'm upset about the dispensary and "soon to come" recreational cannabis store in MA, is that they will and do already charge an arm and a leg. I can definitely understand, they have a wider range of choices and it's readily available but wtf. Why don't these people reach out to their personal network and avoid paying so much. The possibility of saving $5-$15 for the same or semi same quality is mind blowing. The state needs to make their cut on this new legalized medicine after seeing how much it's raked in for Cali and Colorado I assume. It's always about money smfh Idk, I'm rambling hahaha anywho! Let's continue as that topic just gives me a headache.

    I will post the smoke report later today or tonight. I'm going to try and keep this all short as possible. I have a few things I need to take care of before the day ends. Having a T.B.I and always depending on rides suck as-s big time :(

    I had ordered two new strains (Dr. Underground: BJ OG & Eva Seeds: Furious Candy) on 4/18 from the only seedbank I use (AliBongo); they shipped it out on 4/19 and I got them on 4/26!!! Minus the weekend, they arrived in less than a week!!!! Top notch service from J and his crew. Just spreading the word about them as they always take care of me to the T :]

    GG4 and Lemon Walker Flowering.jpg
    GG#4 and Lemon Walker

    GG4 end of week 4.jpg
    GG#4, today is the end of week 4 (Very concerned with the branches. Very thin. Strong due to me stressing the fudge out of her but very thin. Idk how to get them thicker? Any advice would be helpful!)

    GG4 end of week 4.2.jpg
    Nug shot, (the lighting is mixed from both the 315w LEC and 150w HPS, never know which I'll get hahaha)

    GG4 end of week 4.3.jpg
    Let the frost continue!!!

    new beans arrived 4.26.18.jpg

    42918 group A.jpg

    42918 group B.jpg

    Dr.Underground Black Jesus OG seedling.jpg

    Peace, happiness and love!!! :weed:

    Pee_You Well-Known Member

    BTW, I thought the DNA Sour Diesel was done... I did what I could and she's still kicking!!!
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    Pee_You Well-Known Member

    So much going on, havent posted an update in awhile. GG#4 was pruned from head to toe. June 9th, will be the 10th week. Possibly will be chopping her. Depending on how the trichomes look. Enjoy!


    GG#4 (Top view of the middle of the plant. It's a cluster fuck of nugs)




    Lemon Walker. Possibly a few more weeks? She started week 8 as of last night. Wondering if this is even Lemon Walker?... ... ...
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    Pee_You Well-Known Member

    Late update, I've chopped her at the end of week 9 which was 6/9/18.

    The more I was trimming her, the more I became disappointed. Most of the buds were "airy and loose".
    Trichomes were on the verge of turning amber; most were cloudy for a fact. Hoping it's a head rush!

    Wondering if the strain was even the real GG#4 :-(
    The dried buds came out to 2.75 zips (28g was solid nugs as the rest was airy/loose)
    Back to the drawing board and time for another plan before my trip out to LV in July, for a mini vacation :wall:

    P.S: I rolled a stick of this for a buddy and myself (no cure) The head buzz fukced us both hard, where we both literally passed out on his couch until the next morning LMAO and the 1738 was still sealed!!! :eyesmoke:

    Not the yield I was hoping for but the quality is awesome and is only going to continue to get better!

    GG#4 mininugA.jpg

    GG#4 minibgB.jpg
    GG#4 popcorn nugs.jpg

    GG#4 popcorn.jpg

    GG#4 dried curing.jpg

    morgwar Well-Known Member

    Don't worry about loose and airy, bag appeal is for dealers or posers.
    True quality is in the smoke and stone.
    Good job and good hunting!
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    Pee_You Well-Known Member

    Whatup big brother man!!!

    Thank you for the wise & kind words!!! (:

    I'll do a smoke report by the 3rd of July. Going to let the buds cure a bit :weed:

    I'll be back for more updates as a bunch of other things are happening, until then peace love and happiness!!!

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    Pee_You Well-Known Member

    My new light arrived yesterday afternoon!!! Too much heat coming out from the 315w CMH. I switched back to a blurple LED, a Mars Hydro Eco 98 to be specific. The wattage pull and temperature difference in the room is super low compared to when the 315w CMH was running. I took some flicks of the difference in wattage. Maybe the National Grid electrical neighborhood comparison letter will be different next month hahaha

    BTW, the wattage includes a fan running. Enjoy!

    315w CMH watt.jpg
    315W CMH / Fan

    Mars Hydro Eco 98 unboxing

    Mars Hydro Eco 98 unboxing

    MHE98#3 watt.jpg
    Mars Hydro Eco 98 / Fan

    Mars Hydro Eco 98 in action

    TheDifferenceX Well-Known Member

    That light looks pretty bright. Is their other lighting in the room or is that just that one light?

    Nice looking buds BTW, just got caught up on your thread. I'll keep a look in on how its going! Good luck to ya!

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