Baguette grower


Hi all!
I’m Phil, a little french

Already a big thank you for this forum. It's great, it's a real mine of information! And you're so far ahead of us, it's incredible. Here in France, I have to struggle to import hydroguard from the UK because we have nothing similar in my country. It's such a hassle!
I'm learning a lot by reading you, thank you very much!

I'll probably be doing grow journal soon, I have some problems and I think your help will not be too much.
I'm under led made in France and low consumption IKEA dwc diy system. Everything is selected to consume the least electricity, make the least noise and quality!

Back Dog from Humbolt seed (California) 120w led


DA5FF4BD-FC43-408A-91C0-49C40D93DC6F.jpegAnd sorry if my English is bad, must surely make mistakes. I apologize for that.

Hope to see you soon