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    WindyCityKush Well-Known Member

    Day 48 ish

    SSHP X DS #1 20170529_070419.jpg

    SSHP x DS #2
    20170528_131354.jpg 20170528_131326.jpg

    Goji x DS
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    WindyCityKush Well-Known Member

    almost done....

    SSHP x DS #1

    SSHP x DS #2
    20170529_070533.jpg 20170605_203913.jpg

    Goji x DS
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    WindyCityKush Well-Known Member

    Pre-Harvest pics/Cure pics

    SSHP x DS #1

    SSHP x DS #2

    Goji x DS
    Screenshot_20170701-184425.png Screenshot_20170701-184429.png

    tommarijuana Well-Known Member

    Nice job windy !! Cant go wrong with the dank, basement dank,Popped a few dank sinatras just the otherday,i know i'll be pleased with the out come.

    WindyCityKush Well-Known Member

    So my drying environment isnt the best but they hung for the better of 7 days. I tested them before they went into cure. I wont go into too much detail because @PerroVerde 's description of dank sinatra is almost exactly how the #1 pheno of SSHP x DS smoked. heavy smoke, a bit more racy and it lasted a bit longer but when it converts to a stoney high, make sure you arent driving lol well rounded and a nice kushy earthy funk but not too loud. she wasnt big enough in my diy dwc to take clones of ...:-(
    SSHP x DS #2 - What can i say about her.....I believe apbx720 best described the smell as a refreshing soap similar to irish spring, this was all her. LOudest in the tent. irish spring, Lemon lime peels , Sprite , all blast your nose at once in the most pleasant way. loud but not the offensive kind lol straight lemon peels and irish spring in the jar. The smoke is smooth , smell translates to taste very smoothly. and no, it doesnt taste soapy, strong lemony limey taste. The high is probably the most soaring ive ever had, takes you above whatever atmospheric boundaries this earth may have and you never seem to come down. wifey loves it, calls it "her" plant :roll:. keeps her motivated and able to focus on work. she is staying for as long as possible in my library lol
    Goji x DS
    GOJI GOJI GOJI GOJI GOJI best description i can give. if you havent read @Al Yamoni 's description on the goji mom lol this is her all the way. add licorice to the overwhelming overripe strawberries with a menthol fuely funk that under notes the berries. I am in love with this plant. The severity of which the raciness hits you is almost too much. but it lasts forever. not in a stupor but in a deep meditative thought lol this girl is absolutely my favorite.
    Thanks Al and Basement Dank Genetics for working on these awesome strains :clap:. Truly blessed to have grown these out buddy. :peace:

    WindyCityKush Well-Known Member

    thanks. you really wont be disappointed. fire fire fire! :fire:

    PerroVerde Well-Known Member

    Here is round 2 of Basement Dank Genetics Dank Sinatra f2 keeper cut, bigger and better trained... :)

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member


    WindyCityKush Well-Known Member

    Thanks Easty. I did the best i could but all credit definitely goes to Al who was always willing to answer my seemingly stupid questions. :peace:
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    Al Yamoni

    Al Yamoni Well-Known Member

    Awesome descriptions brother :clap: you definitely did these ladies well, I'm more grateful than words can express, but mostly I'm just happy you're enjoying what you've sewn.

    Things in the basement are ever-changing, but come August I think we'll finally have enough room for a massive pheno hunt and maybe just maybe we'll run into a few nice males... The goodies are hard to come by so we'll see

    This lovely lady will def get covered green jizz one day, hopefully soon...


    @kmog33 Tahoe og. Def the real fuggin deal:peace:

    kmog33 Well-Known Member

    How did I not know this thread existed.

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    torontoke Well-Known Member

    That looks awesome al
    I've got a few of those myself cept mine are all knocked up with roadkill unicorn pollen.
    Hope mine gets that frosty damn.

    WindyCityKush Well-Known Member

    i just found out yesterday too lol
    Al Yamoni

    Al Yamoni Well-Known Member

    Hell yeah! Sounds like a killer cross my friend! :peace:
    Al Yamoni

    Al Yamoni Well-Known Member

    Al Yamoni

    Al Yamoni Well-Known Member

    Napali OG x Good Medicine,
    Smelling like pineapple dankness IMG_20170627_151001~2.jpg

    Johnnyd907 Member

    man looks like your making interested mixes I have a orange creamsicle male I was gonna hit my headband with but found nanners so I trashed those to start over really like the idea of have your lime leaner or something like that to pheno hunt for a strong lemony female and let my boy hit tell me where I can pick up some of your gear let me know where I can get sum! Also what other strains do you have ?f1 hybrids are great I want to see all the variations
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    Al Yamoni

    Al Yamoni Well-Known Member

    @Sour Sole (headiegardens on IG) has the last of the first edition beans, most likely all gone now... I don't have any males that I'm working with atm but the hunt is on. Stay tuned :peace:
    Al Yamoni

    Al Yamoni Well-Known Member

    Got this old fridge running again after I fucked it up first, this will be the first in a series I of total control drying chambers. All this one needs is a cheap humidifier. IMG_20170705_150702.jpg IMG_20170705_171904.jpg

    Whole plants will hang in here for 21 days before coming out for a pre jar trim

    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    21 days?! Wowsa. Really going for that long slow dry.
    Ive found that if the humidity in my dry area is 55-60 the plants never fully dry out. Extends drying to around a week or more but 21 days! Thats interesting.
    What do you keep the humidity at in there?
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