Beautiful strain,really great if you are suffering from sleep and also great for anxiety.


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Blue sherbert s1,been put on several tablets by the doctor over the past month.I lost a set of plants.So this knocked me back by 8 / 9 week.So i was out of oil ,But i finally got back to the time frame i need to be on,i have been smoking 1.5 gram in bed at night and gotta say so far so good.Its been great for sleep,but seems to carry over for the anxiety im suffering from .Thought i would share that with you just incase any one else is need strain info for the same problems.Doing some oil tomorrow from the trim and 4/5 oz of bottoms that are nice nugs ,but i just prefer oil ,not keen on smoking,Just to much tar in it.Tables have now been ditched and i only use this again.20200217_111902.jpg