Best led light?


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I wanted to get peoples opinion on this and maybe yall are more familiar with Alibaba then me. This is pretty much what in looking for spectrum wise and the price is more then right.

kingsbrite is great every lamp is what they write it is... Try to talk with the seller about import before ordering if ur in EU *blink blink* :)

i bought 3 LED bar sets, from them so far


Hi, I’m french and here I use this:

That work great. Made by french, study in lab for the best results. Its a really good stuff. The best for us here. This guy is passionate for his job; I don’t think we can find better lights in EU. Maybe in Stats.


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Gavita 1700e
Grower Choice e720
Chiled Growcraft X6 1000w or
Photontek 600w

cant go wrong. i'd prolly go with the 1000w and dim it.
I second the X'd out Grower's Choice. In my personal experience with their CMH lights, they have TERRIBLE customer service and good luck finding parts.


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Dorm grow G8led C3 ( ready for 5x5 ) samsung diodes / ir and uv ... one im looking at myself .

I already use their old G8 red boosters ( still cranking )
Happy with those ....



Looking for the best led light you can have for a 5x5 grow tent.(money no issue)
also if anybody has used a Black dog led product let me know please
2 mars hydro sp3000 for Veg with a 315w cmh 4k bulb. Flower switch to a 3k bulb. Put the tent in a space that is 10x10 wt a portable ac 1 tube. Maintain room @ 70°f when lights on. Tent @ 77°