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We're all familiar with the collective wisdom stratigy: "Wait till the soil is dry (or light weight)" - then - "Drench it good, untill you get a healthy amout of run-off". But the thought occured to me - is that really the best way? Or is that really meant to be a warning for Newbies who might otherwise kill their plants by "Overwatering"? I have seen some very good grows that used standard "Drip Irrigation", in other words maintaining a constant level of moisture. I live in the Southwest part of the U.S. where it is really dry most of the time, but in most other areas they get frequent rain showers all the time (usually) - creating a fairly consistant, medium, moisture level in the native soil. And the one thing I notice is - those other places are as green as can be!

So I ask you, what other watering techniques have any of you used, and how did that work out for you? And no, hydroponics doesn't count!


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Collective Wisdom Stratigy, lol?

Just kidding man. Spellings not everyone's cup of tea. Me included sometimes.

To answer the question. I'm trying organic no-till so I try to keep it moist all the time if I can.

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i offten feed and water from below with inorganic grow, large bucket and leave a pool of water in the bottom, left to dry compleatly once a week and have never had root rot that im aware of.
and i water the pots from above once a week or so to maintain some moisture in the to soil