Best way to take pictures of your plant


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I couldn't really find the right place to put this so I figured I start another thread here what is the best way for me to take pictures of my buds to send in to get the best quality image so people can tell me what they think do I need to leave my light on or wait until the light goes off and just use the flash on my phone I'm trying to decide whether my buds are getting close to harvesting. This is my first grow the plants aren't as good as they could have been but they are better then the worst they could have been LOL but any pointers is greatly appreciated


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No HPS or LED light. Just flash em off...or get em in good light and snap away.

Take some shots and see what happens/what folks say


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I use my phone to take my pictures. Just turn your grow lights off and take the picture in the dark, as mentioned above. The flash will show the plant well.