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    truentgoon Well-Known Member

    Strains on this list were chosen mostly by seed bank best seller lists and word of mouth. Please feel free to make suggestions and express your positive or negative opinions.

    What strains and companies should be added and which ones should be removed? If you like or dislike a particular strain or company please share your knowledge and experience.

    Nirvana seeds
    Blue mystic
    Northern lights

    Female Seeds
    Iced grapefruit

    Delicious seeds
    Cotton candy
    Northern light blue
    Fruity chronic juice
    Sugar black rose
    Critical sensi star

    Sensi seeds
    Northern lights #5

    Brothers Grimm seeds

    Paradise seeds
    Sensi star
    White berry

    Bomb seeds
    Gorilla bomb (most potent)
    Cherry bomb (yields better than gorilla)
    Berry bomb
    Atomic bomb
    Thc bomb
    Bubble bomb
    Cluster bomb (high yield)
    Big bomb
    Ice bomb
    Cheese bomb
    Kush bomb
    Widow bomb
    Medi bomb #2 (low smell)

    Dinafem seeds
    Critical +
    Original amnesia

    Serious seeds
    White Russian
    Serious 6

    TH seeds
    Heavy duty fruity
    Mk ultra
    Underdawg og
    Critical hog

    G13 seeds
    Pineapple Express
    Blue og
    Blueberry gum

    Barney farm seeds
    Blue cheese
    Critical kush
    Cookies kush

    Big Buddha seeds
    Blue cheese

    Greenhouse seeds
    white widow
    White rhino
    Super lemon haze

    Kera seeds
    White widow
    Burmese kush
    Pineapple sativa

    Sweet seeds
    Green poison
    Dark devil

    Medicann seeds
    Black Afghani kush
    Blue Durban poison
    Mazari grape

    Humboldt seeds
    Green crack
    Blue dream

    DNA seeds
    Holy grail kush
    LA confidential
    Lemon og kush

    Cali connection seeds
    Girl Scout cookies
    818 Headband
    Tahoe og

    Expert seeds
    Gorilla glue #1

    Moxie seeds
    Grape valley kush

    Dutch passion seeds
    Glueberry og
    Strawberry cough

    Pyramid seeds

    Trichome jungle seeds
    Orange soda

    Connoisseur seeds
    Girl Scout haze cookies
    Strawberry sour haze

    Emerald triangle seeds
    Blueberry headband

    Eva seeds
    Jamaican dream

    Granddaddy purple seeds
    Original granddaddy purple

    Rare dankness seeds
    Ghost train haze

    Reserve prevada seeds
    kosher kush

    True canna seeds

    BC bud Depot seeds
    God bud
    Girl Scout cookies

    Loud seeds
    Pre bubba kush 98

    Sin city seeds
    Blue power

    Dark horse seeds
    Bruce banner

    Heavyweight seeds
    Fruit punch
    Dream machine

    Honorable mentions (regs only)
    Mr. Nice
    Ace seeds
    Mandala seeds
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    truentgoon Well-Known Member

    Nirvana has some nice strains at a good price. Couldn't find anything bad about papaya and blue mystic and they are known to be low smell.

    Bomb seeds has good prices especially on the newer strains and I hear good things. Gorilla and cherry bomb are the ones I'm eyeing. Customer support for bomb seeds said they all smell except medi bomb #2 which is part super silver haze surprisingly.

    G13 seeds have a nice variety at a fair price. Pineapple Express and their new blue og strain are highly rated.

    Delicious seeds has interesting strains around the same price of g13 seeds. Would love to try the cotton candy and northern light blue.

    Female seeds have good prices aswell. They have the popular c99 hybrid I want to try. Not the original bros Grimm but a lot cheaper.

    Dinafem seeds critical+ sounds good for yield although it's a bit more pricey at around $10 per seed which is a whole other catagory and can probably get better fire for that price. Original amnesia is a bit cheaper at around $8 but there's a lot of good seeds around that price range so it's hard picking one.
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    Special Kdog

    Special Kdog Active Member

    you need to put Reserva Pravada in with DNA they are same company... That being said, I grew out the DNA Florida Lemons and it is top notch... it is a cross from their Lemon Skunk and a Florida OG. also from what i've read and my limited personal experience seems like everything they've crossed with that Lemon Skunk has been legit. I grew their 60 day lemon auto which is the auto version of the Lemon Skunk. It was tiny but the smoke was top notch smelled like a fresh cut lemon tastes, very tart. I been trying to pop a couple more seeds but i'm having issues not sure why... 2 bum seeds out of 5. I did order them over a year ago tho so maybe that has something to do with it.
    I'll second Fruity Chronic Juice it is just a nice mellow happy smoke not too high not too low. My friends seem to really like the Dinafem Blue Widow. It is pretty solid prolly my 4th favorite strain i've grown out. i've only grown out 8 strains tho. Just popped a super lemon haze and Delicious seeds Ice Cool and either HSO raspberry Diesel or Delicious seeds Cotton Candy. Those last 2 depend on if this other 60 day lemon pops tomorrow doesn't show promise though. if anyone wants to offer advice on whether to pop the HSO raspberry diesel or the cotton candy would love some input (limited for space)
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    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    You either have a Massive room ,Or that is the next few years planned out.
    I'm doing Em Tri Seeds ,G13 Blueberry Headband ,also Pineapple Express/Blueberry Gum from G13,Also Doing Holy Grail from DNA Seeds,La Confidential,And Barneys Cookie Kush.All are really doing well weight wise apart from the Holy Grail ,But just a Bad Pheno ,Smells amazing.Some Amazing Flavors in this List you have.I'm also running a Strain from Ch99 seeds ,Super Haze ,This is a must for any Haze lover ,Fast to flower,and the smell is amazing,Think its Jack 33 x Shantiebabba x super silver haze.
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    shawn75can Well-Known Member

    Holy shit I don't think I've smoked all those strains let alone grow them. Keep busy & great thread
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    GNOME GROWN Well-Known Member

    Really nice list, add some exotic genetix and symbiotic genetics gear to it!
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    NanoGadget Well-Known Member

    Nirvana Papaya from one of my recent runs. I highly recommend it with a warning... it is a total day wrecker. Super stoney, a bit narcotic almost. Puts your ass in couch and keeps it there.
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    truentgoon Well-Known Member

    I saw on YouTube HSO has some cotton candies on his farm and he was speaking highly of it. The list is mostly all from when I was researching European seedbanks. My mindset changed and I'm always looking for new things from American companies especially feminized. I like that James bean co had bodhi regulars and rare dankness fems and Oregon elite seeds has a lot of breeders to choose from.

    lol it's just a wishlist I needed help narrowing down. Sorry to hear about the holy grail I would have expected more for the price.

    Thanks man

    Funny you mention exotic seeds I'm actually running a cross between exotic chocolate oranges and Bodhi goji og from pistol positive creations. Good to know that exotics has good gear. Regular seeds are annoying though I hate using the extra nutes and space on plats that might be male. I'm looking into feminized for next time and hopefully from a US seedbank like James bean co or Oregon elite seeds.

    That papaya is on my list as well as blue mystic. Might have to order the papaya from a European seedbank though and it's hard to order from those now.

    BleedsGreen Well-Known Member

    DNA Lemon OG is amazing, Holy Grail Kush is great too but my favorite from them is OG-18.
    Dhufish Scales

    Dhufish Scales Member

    All too much for this old Bush Buddy ... I would love it if someone could recommend a decent feminised sativa to grow in Perth Western Australia. Need a change from the same bush seed which is still viable after 10+ years!

    Tx-Peanutt Well-Known Member

    Those are some nice strains but I would suggest maybe some docs dank seeds or maybe seed junky genetics and big worm genetics bro if your from the USA I would shop here I have not been too impressed with Big name breeders too much I have found that the up and coming people seeds are more vigourous growth
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Big Buddha Blue cheese and Bruce Banner.....OK

    The rest of the list, "to me"
    Zzzzzzzz, Zzzzzzzzz, Zzzzzzz

    Just my 2 cents...I mean we all have our own priorities, right?
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    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    I know a guy that gets purple wreck bud
    It’s nothing to look at, and most is smaller buds(don’t know if it grows that way or he’s getting 2nds) but fuck me is it strong,
    Most bud is like smoking cigs to me,(I smoke bubble hash all day everyday) this packs a punch, makes me flush in the face.
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    ThatSpudGuy Well-Known Member

    What would be at the top of your list man?
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Hmm, Right now...Kind of a toss up.

    Straight run Rainbow SS OG - Smell boat seeds
    I've always wanted the krinckle cut pheno of Clockwork orange, The holy grail... 1:200 beans is the ratio and at 500 per 6 beans..NOT going to attempt to hunt that down.
    Still want honest to goodness, original Blue Magoo....

    I got a cut of Sundae Driver coming, so that's done.
    Got the proper 27% + cut of chem cookies on the way (just tested over 27% from a breeding partner)

    Give me the cutting edge US boutique breeders over the old school boys any day.....
    Smell Boat
    The list goes on....
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    vostok Well-Known Member

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    truentgoon Well-Known Member

    Yup that's why I'm doing American seedbanks now it's too much bs ordering overseas.
    Heard good things about big worm. Although he only has regs. Regs are ok if you have the setup but I already had my fill with regs with one pack.

    The reg seeds turned out to be more annoying then I thought with the coco considering how much they eat and drink in the 1 gallon pots and I don't even know their sex.

    What's the best fems you can get from an American seedbank. For example I know James bean co only has rare dankness fems 6 pack. But what about Oregon elite seeds? They have the big worm but those are regs. OES has a few breeders like dankonomics that have cheaper packs of banana glue fems but idk how they are.
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    truentgoon Well-Known Member

    What's a good breeder in the us that have good fem seeds besides rare dankness. Big worm is regs only.

    What's that a pulley? Lol

    Tx-Peanutt Well-Known Member

    Green work collective from dc seed exchange I think they have some fems and to get anything more than a 6 pack of fems your looking at some serious money ..Honestly I tried coco didn’t like it I just use soil ocean forest and happy frog mix with perlite as long as u stay on top of the cal/mag your golden for about a month than I start using @GreenleafNutrients megacrop with flowering cal/mag since it don’t have nitrogen in it and it works like a charm...

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    truentgoon Well-Known Member

    For real especially if you want rare dankness their 6 pack of fems are $100. I mean the lesser known breeders on OES are a bit cheaper but not much of a selection and yeah it is costly for fems. I'll check out the green work fems to see what they have.

    I'm getting a little weary of coco too. Although it's a good value if I plan on reusing it. I'm not sure if you can reuse soil I have to look that up.

    Cool dude you use the calmag without the nitrogen in flower so you don't pump them full of nitrogen in flower that's sick.

    Looking at the back of my calmag plus bottle and it does have a lot of nitrogen. Ehh who knows maybe my particular strain may use the extra nitrogen lol.

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