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    Thorhax Well-Known Member

    Let it go at least 8 weeks and you'll like the fruity taste. Not a weak fruity like blue dream, very distinct and tasty

    needsomebeans Well-Known Member

    My blue twizzlers had a very distinct orange/peachy smell and was pretty good meds. The woman absolutely loved it.
    goodro wilson

    goodro wilson Well-Known Member

    I can taste Cherrys and oranges I let them go about 9 weeks this is my 4th run with it and like u say the structure made it my keeper it does yield very nice nugs of strong smoke with great bag appeal it's also very smooth not the loudest weed almost has some sandalwood or incense type smell but the looks and flavor and yield make it a keeper for me

    LSD-25 Well-Known Member

    thanks for all the feedback on the Twizzler... and.... yes ... I thought i was tasting some orange and cherries in there.. and like Thorhax was saying, I like the fact that it is not a fruity like Blue Dream is... not that I don't like Blue dream..I love Blue Dream.. Its just that well... I can get Blue Dream anytime I want it. and I've had it before... so I am very exited about this Twizzler.. On a side note.. I think i have a really nice phenotype of that Gorilla Spirit.. I don't know what strain of parents its leaning toward... but.. it smells like nothing I've ever had..very fuelish with something else that is undescribable and i Love it.. plus it has buds that look like spike balls.. you know like a mace? looks like a keeper too.. Big Up's to Big Worm (and his Crew!!) now i want some Guava smelling hook it up Big Worm!!!!!

    LSD-25 Well-Known Member

    I think ill let it go 9 weeks.... I still have a multi strain run going... {left over keepers from my test run}.. so I got the. Twizzler #2 and #3, nightfire og, boss's sister, rem, powernap, caramel headband, and buckeye purple.. plus i revegged a fire dank ass pheno of some gorilla spirit.. after this I know what im keeping.. Gorilla Spirit {fuely spike ball pheno} :fire: my personal favorite. Twizzler #3 {a more vigourous sativa like phenotype that has great structure and yields very high, nightfire OG, and Boss's Sister...Im ditching the BP and the Headband.. and gifting the rem and powernap to a friend{ i will get back later}.... Ive never been more exited to grow these strains in my whole life... I have great respect and admiration for the breeders and growers of these great strains... Big Worm has been a God sent to me.. The prices were right and the timing was perfect.. now i got my meds and im bongsmilieagain!!!

    OregonEliteSeeds Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    ALL Big Worm Gear is 55$ per pack

    Mr.Head Well-Known Member

    Damn BigWorm doing big things while i've been out of the loop! Keep killing it dude!

    I'm run some of the stuff you sent me a couple years ago in the next go :) :) Took a bit of a break but I think I'm back now :cool:

    MOSS1310 Member

    Does anyone know what the genetics of Twizzlers is?
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    bmgnoot Well-Known Member

    kosher tangie x cherry pie

    MOSS1310 Member

    Thanks bmgnoot!
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    bigworm6969 Well-Known Member

    Hey folks how is everyone me im still working but its gonna get ruff my wife was just diagnoised with ms so im gonna be super busy but ill still be makeinv new gear real quick is a list of my upcomeing drop within a week
    Prime crystal f2
    Purple vodoo f5
    Calypso (purple vodoo f4 x buckeye purple)
    Double purple kush(kosher kush x double purple dojo)
    Purple crystal dojo(triple purple dojo x prime crystal)
    Prime knockout(prime crystal x blue kimbo)
    And then like 10 buckeye purple crosses very limited
    Luke the brave x bep
    Kosher kysh x bep
    Dcure x bep
    Blackcherry creme x bep
    Prime crystal x bep
    Superstious x bep
    Ambulance x bep
    Mutant fruit x bep
    Blue kimbo x bep
    Ill be dropping at dcseedexchange and oregon elite seeds there will be tons of freebies so dont miss out thanks

    needsomebeans Well-Known Member

    Purple Voodoo f5:hump::fire:

    BushMaster15 Well-Known Member

    Yeti x Prime Glue x Tight Dojo. Sorry about the HPS. Couldn't make it to my tent before the light kicked on.

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    needsomebeans Well-Known Member

    Purple Voodoo f5 in hand. Thanks a million @bigworm6969! IMG_1080.JPG
    Happy 420 to all you big worm beaners!

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Shit bro, how did I miss that first part of your message! I'm so so sorry to hear about your wife hey, I know what MS can do to people and I really hope it doesn't get like that for your wife. One positive is that tou can treat her with your awesome meds! Time to start working on a super high cbd strain?? You take care mate! Easty

    bottletoke Well-Known Member

    So sorry to hear about your wife bro, all the best for her and yourself!
    Again, soo sorry!

    LSD-25 Well-Known Member

    Im doing great Big Worm!!!! im about to fill a 4x10 with nothing but Twizzler.. I love Twizzler!! twizzler is like the Honey Badger of strains.. Twizzler dont care, it just grows.. and i got this pheno of the Gorilla Spirit.. Oh my... Its got buds that look like spike ball maces.. and smells like straight Fuel..hella gassy.. with a tart after taste.. so good.. well worth 55 bucks and 6 months of my life..Ive always been afraid to spend over 200 on a pack of seeds.. are the 200 dollar packs really better genetics? ill find out soon.. ill be ready for more strains next summer..and ill be hitting you up for sure..
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    Sassafras¥ Well-Known Member

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    madininagyal Well-Known Member

    In twizzler And blue twizzler you Will fin à guava phéno fi sure, sweet guava Jam like smell

    LSD-25 Well-Known Member

    I got 6 beans left... I will mess with this Fall, twizzler and O'doyle Rules!!!!!! lol

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