Bleach spots? Is it burned water or something else

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Jon021781, Apr 21, 2017.


    Jon021781 Member

    Is this nothing or something
    Im thinking maby nutes dried on the leaves and burnt them ? Or is it something else cuz overall they look nice and healthy i did give them a heavy watering and. Light feeding yesterday 14927992348121949701268.jpg 1492799263278-1655312685.jpg

    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    My guess. Insect damage.

    Bugeye Well-Known Member

    Doesn't look too serious and could just be damage from moving them around. But good time to look for bugs just to know what is going on.
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    Jon021781 Member

    Yeah i checked for spider mites and other bugs but none so my guess it got pinched againsted the door.of my grow box or up against the wall and the bucket or something silly like that i did move um around alot and repotted the other day so its probably that cuz no other leafs have it and my other plant is fine thank you now i know shes fine. I just cant wait till she shows whether or not shes a she not a he lol and harvest this is going to be my first to finish grow my last grow i messed up with feeding and burned her and the time before that my gf got rid of them but now its legal so shes letting me im planning on getting a perpetual monster cropping going so i can pull a harvest every othet month and i have 2 strains one for the first harvest and one for the next and i figure ill clone it so every other grow will be the other strain. Should work in theory i just have to build a cloning chamber im going to use an old shop vac i gutted out because it should hold the humidity so i wont need a dome and just a simple cfl or 2 cuz they will only be in their for 2 weeks.

    Jon021781 Member

    I have a good feeling about it i am a medical patient and i cant afford my meds so im hoping this works out so i can stay healthy and happy instead of medicating for 2 3 days then not being able to and then having it one day then nothing for a week its hard

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