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    I kinda have the urge to roll and smoke a nice fat blunt. Problem is..... I can no longer find my favorite blunt!!! So its been over a decade since Ive been a blunt smoker and probably have smoked on 4-5 blunts in that time period lol.

    So i really used to enjoy the green leaf Optimo Sports. Ive attached a photo for reference. They were my absolute favorite and cannot find them literally anywhere locally or even online. The Optimo website doesnt even mention them or have anything at all that I can find. Its like they dont exist anymore which makes me think they are no longer in production. Second favorite would be the green leaf honey dutches which I can still find around but they dont seem the same as they used to last time i smoked one lol.

    Im just curious what kind of blunts you guys are smoking these days. Also whats up with cigarillos being seeminly dominant in the blunt department? I see some people rolling really long and thing blunts and its kinda funny imo. I dunno i was smoking blunts back in the late 90s and early 00s and they were always fat as shit and then blunt wraps got super popular for a while. the whole weed game has changed so much since then its kinda weird to think about how its evolved over time lol optimo.jpg

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    I grab rillos, wrap up pinners. To on the go for anything more then casual. Beats the hell out of cigs.

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    As an option to using a blunt or cigarillo wrapper, you can buy a 1/4 lb of Connecticut wrapper from leafonly, hydrate it between some moist paper towels overnight in a plastic bag or small tote, gently spread the leaf out, and cut between the veins. In the dry state, it cracks easily, and you have to be careful. when hydrated, the leaf tears somewhat easily, so go easy. You'll get some nice sized baccy wrapper to roll with, and it will be way better quality than you can get from any blunt, which all use crappy wrapper/binder. You can also order some candela wrapper if you like that green color. Connecticut leaf is generally 18+ inches long and 8-10+ inches wide, so you can get a lot of material from 1/4 lb to roll with.
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