Bringing in the Andersoni


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Been super lucky so far and have not sprayed my plants once! (Knocking on wood)
I ordered some quick and slow release Andersoni predators to see me through until harvest just in case. Better safe that sorry.
Has anyone used cups and wire to release the quick release instead of sprinkling the mixture onto the canopy? The guy from Evergreen Growerstold me about it but I’m not sure I got how people have done it.


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I thought you just hang the satchels from your plants and it doesn't look as ugly as sprinkling it all over your plants?
I can't import these into Hawaii but I was surprised how affordable they are.


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Just curious, if you dont have mites for them to feed on, how do they survive? Ive also though about using them as a preventative measure but it seems like they would die without food.....