Bubble hash help please.


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so that's heated plates in a rosin press? that one pic of the parchment with the oozing stuff is fantastic!!!
That's some pretty deep drips. I bought the plates and controller. Then built the press with some extra steel I had and a 8 ton jack.
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Can you explain the process or link a vid on how you guys are getting these perfect looking balls?
Well after it's pressed three times I will fold it while still warm. Then press all of the air out of it. And begin to ball it up by pressing in the corners over and over. When it's close to ball shaped I begin rolling the ball in between the palms of my hands. As you roll it you need to apply pressure with both hands. You will feel heat developing due to friction and that heat will help to smooth the surface.
The best video example to watch would be any of the French Cannoli tutorials. That's where I learned how. He was the best!
Good luck friend!


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I like to set fresh bubble in between coffee filters in the fridge to dry for a few days to a week. The coffee filters wick the moisture away and the hash doesn't stick to them. I have used cardboard boxes as well.
You definitely want to keep it as cool as you can while drying it.