Budmaster Cob x-9 / x-9 / x-6 / x-6 : 1500w UK Grow

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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Blimburn Seeds Cindy day 31 of 12/12

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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Pineapple Express Auto's day 57 from seed

    3ft tent under the Budmaster Osram cobx-6

    No rush... Just will wait for those nice colas to fatten up.

    These leds are making it easy to grow healthy plants. As I predicted, they will thrive, due to supreme plant health late on in the grow. These Osram cobs are like the 315w '4200k daylight' cmh lamp, where as my new leds are like the 3100k pinky coloured agro lamp. As you all know I'm a big daylight fan! Here's why :lol:

    DSCN3908.JPG DSCN3909.JPG DSCN3910.JPG

    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Over to the skunks Day 57 and Moby Dick's day 54. Moby Dicks will run around 70-80 days. They are doing quite well, but will have a heavy feed after they dry out next. Skunks are doing awesome!

    DSCN3911.JPG DSCN3912.JPG

    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Budmaster cobx-2

    100w grow

    2 x Moby Dick xxl's on day 53. They look like 100w grown plants, doing well for 100w, but these are only 1 day younger than the other Moby Dick xxl's in previous update. They may need longer. I'm going to feed them later, but have to remove some lower growth.

    DSCN3913.JPG DSCN3914.JPG
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    DSCN3916.JPG New veg tent with the Budmaster xg-2

    This led did the Brother Grimm C99 vegging plants proud! It now has the Ak47 regs below it, plus the tent is now 2.5ft, not 3ft, so it should do great. Got a T5 plugged in lower down for cloning, but it's off coz it's too hot.

    Got some ak clones in here too, get the ball rolling early so I don't have to clone them in veg. Plus I do like an easy cloner lol

    This led is a blurple led, but look how blue the camera made it out, weird...

    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Ok, so to the Sweet Seeds Trainwreck auto's on day 56

    4ft tent, 450w of Osram cobs.

    This tent is thriving... Just playing a waiting game... few more bloom feeds, then the plain water feeds will commence...

    There is a skunk in here too, took a birds eye close up. Looks like proper dank skunk. Smells like it too! lol

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    StonerCol Well-Known Member

    All looking great bro....nowt wrong with your growing skillz!! Love the variety you've got going on. I'm well jell of your setup and lights!

    :bigjoint: :peace: (:

    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot. It did cost a lot to set up like this, but I can knock out some serious weed, often, with very little cost in electricity. I look forward to the end still.

    Next grow I'm just doing 12 skunk auto's. They are really cheap, really dank and really fast.

    I'm going to do mostly Brother Grimm Cinderella and skunk auto. Keeping it very simple over the summer...

    Suffered some light bleaching on the xl plants in 1 of the tents. Won't have that problem with skunk auto...


    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Lookn top-notch @Fevs
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much ;)
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Ok, so an update.

    I got rid of the 2 ak47's that seem to be struggling to show their sex. It's almost like they started to, then stopped for like 5-6 days with no more progression. Just left me confused, so culled them. They ain't going to be confusing me anymore :lol:

    Anyway, so I have 3 strong females from a 10 pack. Not too bad as I made it hard for them to get to this stage. Lost 3 during germination/week 1. Started them in low humidity for the ultimate test for them, 3 didn't make it through. 2 nuns and 3 males in the end.

    Overall I'm really happy with the 3. They all showed on the same day too. I'm pleased as the last 2 mother plants I've had C'99 and Powerplant, the mother I kept was the plant that showed sex 1st.

    Did some more feeds last night for Cindys, auto's and vegging plants.

    4ml iguana bloom - per 1 litre. They only had 1 litre each, so will need feeding again tonight. Cindys had 2 litres. Just trying to keep them healthy. I'm having all of that! Every bud. It's sacred medicine, so I'm keeping it all for myself. bongsmilie

    I chopped a Trainwreck Auto too. Did that last night on day 57.

    Cindys will remain on 4ml iguana bloom. I've only got a little bit left, so switching all other plants to 2ml overdrive - per 1 litre.

    Iguana bloom and overdrive both have 1% magnesium in. I've stopped Epsom salts, so that is good they have magnesium in.

    Fevs Well-Known Member

    One of my serious seeds ak47 clones has rooted. Got clones 1,2 and 3 number 2 rooted 1st. Others should follow next few days.

    Got quite a few clones going now. Got 6 clones of Delicious Candy which looked like a strong plant, so I cloned it and culled the mother.

    The AK clones, loads of Brothers Grimm C'99 clones too.
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    My electric bill has gone down from £950 for 3 months, to £430 for 3 months. So far switching to cob has saved me £520. So with that info, I will save £2000 a year on electricity. £430 is great. It doesn't even look like I'm growing anymore.

    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Some definite vindication on those cobs
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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    WHat are you going to do with all that monies now ? Lol good stuff man.

    This mothers milk I've been smoking on is so dank.
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    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Dude phenomenal. Beautiful plants keep it up
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    lukio Well-Known Member

    nice one fevs - looking sweet!
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    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    Hey Lukio, when you type Rollitup in google and it autofills suggestions, your name is the 5th selection.. :clap:
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    lukio Well-Known Member

    Haha you kidding?! Wtf. the only thing I can think of is all the "leds are shit and don't work" brigade on uk420 still secretly loving up lukios secret garden :cool::leaf:

    But then there's only like 12 people that use that site these days, so I dunnooooo man. Im a nobody here so I can't explain it (:

    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    I think your paying google. :bigjoint:
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