Budmaster Cob x-9 / x-9 / x-6 / x-6 : 1500w UK Grow

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    lukio Well-Known Member

    step awaaaay from the cindy! Sounds nice man. Talkin cindy, my beans have all popped - grape god is on (:
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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    Good shit Fevs you're gonna knock it out.

    Your pal has a good friend in yourself bud. Good karma helping someone out. I have two extra tents with two sets of lights, makes me want to loan it to a friend.

    I may have to ive blimburn a try,
    I have had horrible luck with @femaleseeds . I bought 6 beans of their C99 and not one sprouted. Shit genetics.

    I popped at least 20 other beans same way and they're all good.

    Well can't wait to see everything setup
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    @714steadyeddie Yeah same, I cannot wait too. It's just going to be nice growing without all the heat and high electric bills.

    I always say to people that Blimburn Cindy is the dogs testicles of C'99. It's really a wonderful strain. You may think you have previously grown strains that have everything, or been close ey? Forget them all after growing Blimburn Cindy! This is as good as it gets imo. The high is simply astonishing! Eagle eyesight, sharpened hearing, faster reactions, energy, motivation. Not just a bit either, like fuzzy face intense! It's unreal how good it is! Wasted with clarity! Not only that, if you know anybody with depression, anxiety, ptsd, then you'll have the finest meds they could have. Like show them a new superior world meds!

    Then the smell pineapple x grapefruit... lol say no more.

    7 week sativa...

    Grows big due to pace of the genetics + sativa genetics.

    Bag appeal. It's the best weed I've ever grown by a country mile! I amazed people with it! astonished them, cured it for 4 months.

    Not a bad word to say about it! Nugs get so dense too. Thin leaves so the light gets right through the whole plant, it's just a dream to grow or consume!

    lukio Well-Known Member

    "Genetics: Mostly Sativa
    Genotype: Princess x Cinderella 88"

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    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    hey fevs have a good Easter & hope you're well settled in & all is well as for me I've chopped & letting things dry gonna keep the holiday weekend simple & weather permitting take my dogs for a ride to the lake

    Fevs Well-Known Member

    I've been talking for a while about doing Blimburn Cindy again. Glad that time is upon me lol

    For an auto's that Cinderella jack strain sounds perfect.

    I've grown Automazar and Think Different from DP, both came out very well. I'd happily grow their genetics again.
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot. You have a good one too! I've just been out on the moors with my dog and the kids, for hours. Tired now and chilling with my laptop and some munchies. Dog is asleep. I love having a dog! I've got much fitter and stronger since getting a dog. Now walk for an hour a day, twice a day. I feel really healthy. Also recently been taking vegan minerals and vitamins.

    I'm going to make some high cbd cannabis oil after easter, give that a try.

    I've got loads of eggs this year. My wife never gets enough, so I took care of it this year. A bit over the top this year, but just had a killer harvest lol

    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Short holiday. Great time. I'm still exhausted, kids and a puppy.. Tires me out big time! lol

    Today I got back and the Cindy seeds were still in the glass of water, plus had 1 inch tap roots, So I removed the seed case and embryo thingy, then planted them in root riot cubes, then put them in a glass jar. I'll get them in the pc case later.

    I'm moving in real soon, so will be up and running. It's pissing me off having 1500w of unused osram cobs. Really is!

    lukio Well-Known Member

    Sup man! good news with the beans then, sweet! 5/5 of my grapes popped too - so happy days all round

    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Happy ur Enjoying your lights I'm just trying to figure out if it's possible to fit a godx9 in the 4x4 with my cobx9 and two cobx4...I'm so pleased with the company that I'm gonna do everything in my poor to support this cool ass business
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Thanks man... Yeah I've still got another day to wait b4 I can use them. Things just keep delaying shit, nothing I can do.

    If I had those lights, plus had a 4x4 I'd consider running the cob9 alongside the god9 in the 4x4.

    The two cob 4 panels would have their own dr90's for vegging. I think it's so much light anyway, that the 2 cobx4's would be better used growing big plants ready to go in the 4x4.
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    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Well I've 2 cob4 and a cob 9 in my 4x4 n she's tight so I'd sooner go God in the middle n 2 cob 4s on either side n maybe a cob6 for the back if u wanna blow shit up good. You're correct about only having two lights on at the beginning n when true leafs form n she's settles she'll take the par n u can turn if up if u like cobx6 isn't as big as you'd assume it's 3 cobs wide so centering her which in itself covers the space needed for ur crop u can have ur cob 4s stragically placed maybe on short phenos or perhaps ur doing a perpetual u could have the cobs on one side then move over to the God to finish
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    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    1 cobx4 is suitable for a 3X3m so one light should be grand
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    abe supercro

    abe supercro Well-Known Member

    haz strain been lab tested for levels
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Has it bollocks. I don't need labs mate, I've got complex ptsd + hypomania. Trust me, if it's high cbd I'll know within 30 seconds of vaping bongsmilie
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    There's just so many options with them...

    5 Barney's Farm Pineapple Express auto's germinating in a glass of water now too. A great autoflowering strain! It makes you happy inside, warm and fuzzy lol You smile at nothing! (: People just look at you walking down the road and smile at you, just because you're already smiling at them lol Anyway it has a real great effect with me and friends with mental illness.

    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Check out my thread they sent me new lenses n reflectors to give em a go but was sent the wrong package so I've 16 90s n 16 reflectors so when they land I may test it on the veg tent first then half n half on my Cobs but Paul seems pretty pleased with these so it's worth the wait n I took the lens off,you've no idea how easy it is to modify...u buy a Budmaster n update it as tech changes she's flawless...just with the screws weren't so tight lol but I did use an air gun to clean the fans so I'll do that with each one by one
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Finally, I can get my growing back on track

    Shopping list of stuff I just bought and collected.

    dr120, dr120, dr90, dr90, 25 x 25 litre pots, 10 x 50 litre bags of all mix, some coco and alg-a-mic (seaweed)

    I'm going with the cobx9's in the 4ft x 4ft tents, 1 cob x6's in the dr90's.

    Also got my 2.5ftx2.5ft tent still, plus my drobe. Will get lighting for them sorted asap.

    Got a new batch of seeds today too. I'll be setting up for days, will add pics when it's done. Nice to be back to it


    DankTankerous Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to seeing it dude.
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    Fevs Well-Known Member

    Cracking on nicely with the start of the grow.

    Here's what the crack is going to be.

    5 x Blimburn Cindy in Bio Bizz all mix organic soil. 25 litre pots. 4ft x 4ft area. Budmaster Cob x-9

    9 x Sweet Seeds Trainwreck auto, all mix, 25 litre pots, 4ft x 4ft area. Cob x-9

    5 x Pineapple Express Auto's, all mix, 25 litre pots, 4 in 1 tent under the Cob x-6. However going to run one under a 250w 6500k metal halide under the mini grostar in my 2.5 ft tent.

    4 x Sweet Seeds Sweet Skunk auto's, 25 litre pots in all mix, cob x-6, 3ft tent.

    Drobe, vegging 2 Brothers Grimm C'99 clones in coco.

    Way more plants that planned, however having a break has reinstalled my hunger for growing.

    Bring it...:cool: :weed:
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