Building a cooling system


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Cobbling together some basic bits and bobs together. And coupled to a 2000 lph pump
This little unit has taken temperature from 25+ to 18c overnight.
So much so have turned fan down to it's middle setting
With an insulated tank only having a 1.5 degree day/ night temperature difference. 24 night 25.5 day
It's really effective.
One thing if you make me one the amount of loops in the spiral changes what size pump you need.
Had to cut a couple out to get flow.
Cost to make dearest bit fan say 45 bucks all in.



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Nutrient water goes from tank via a 2000 lph pump through pipework back to tank fan cools it down.

Happy as Larry with how it is performing.
Gets it down to 18c overnite and tops 26 for about 5 hours during the day, Quantum's increased parameters are ok with that.

Left the picture series on how it was built.
One tip don't put too many loops had to cut two out to get it to flowIMG_20210902_062700_3.jpgIMG_20210902_062744.jpgIMG_20210902_084234_3.jpgIMG_20210902_090520_3.jpgIMG_20210902_093602_3.jpgIMG_20210902_114236_3.jpg