Building a LEAK PROOF aero cloner!

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    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    I'm so tired of seeing people building areo cloners the wrong way! Leaking all over the place! Get a second lid for your homemade cloner and be done with the drips!
    I'm going to skip the steps on how to build an Aero Cloner ( There are enough DIY aero cloners on here to show you how) and show you how to modifiy your aero cloner to make it leak proof!

    1# You are going to need two lids for your tub.

    2# Use GE Silicon 1 CLEAR ONLY! If you don't you WILL kill your clones! It's the same as Aquarium silicon but much cheaper.


    3# Trace around and cut the inner rectangle out of your first lid.

    4# Cut out your 2 inch net pot holes on the first lid.

    5# Put your second lid on the tub. Now place the first lid on and trace where the net pot holes are covered up with a marker. Take the first lid off and grind away the material covering your holes, the marker should have shown you how much to take off.

    [​IMG] It should look like this!

    6# Now take the second lid and silicon all the edges on the under side real thick. Then lock it down on the tub. Flip the tub over and silicon any gaps on the under side of the lid.


    7# Let the silicon dry for 24 hours. After 24 hours, fill the tub up with water till it's to the top. If it doesnt leak a drop, your done! If it leaks, fill any gaps with more silicon till it doesnt leak. Now let it dry for 4-5 days till the vinegar smell is gone. After that you can finish your aero cloner and use it.

    8# Now that it's dry you can put your lid on and it will look like this!


    9# Finished pics!


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    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    Awesome build.

    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    nice idea, but rope caulk works great without the need for buying two totes to make a cloner. its cheap , easy to remove and replace.

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    Other caulking leaches chemicals, one of them being arsenic. I know because I use to have fish and was into aquariums. If it's safe for tiny fish, it's safe for clones.
    The caulking came off on my last cloner and I even sanded it. Gaskets are a pain in the ass! They come off and move around when talking the lid on and off. One slip of the gasket and it's leaking again, been there done that. This way you seal it once and you are done for good!
    This solution never needs replaced or fixed! Not only that but taking the lid off is faster this way and there is nothing to pop off.

    I also got my second lid for free. You need two lids not two totes. I just showed them my receipt and told them I forgot the lid.
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    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    U need to show your DIY manifold. Again great thread.

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    It's in my other cloner. I just bought EZ clone nozzles and used PVC pipe. It's nothing new, it's what everyone with a homemade cloner uses. Thanks, just got tired of seeing people make crap gaskets that leak or tin foil around the edges. My method works better and is less ghetto.

    GanjaBot Member

    Rubbermaid Roughneck totes need no mods... i use them for all my systems and have had no leak issues @ all. But still great concept and clean build.

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    "The first one I made was out of a roughneck and it leaked like a screen door in a submarine."

    Here's the ICmag Areocloner that uses the Rubbermaid Roughneck. I used this guide to build my manifold. I never glue my net cups down and I never have problems.
    1.The rubbermaid Roughneck many of them leak. I see dozens of posts with people having to gasket them.I mean you can always take it back to the store and get another one. The molding has to be perfect. You never know if you have a good one till you buy it. The one I built still leaked (More like drips) in the back. My friend built one no leaks, then he came home one day and the whole carpet underneath the cloner was drenched. He fixed it and it did not happen again. You also have to sometimes set up the sprayers in the middle or it will leak. The setup i'm using sprays everywhere.

    2. When you pull the lid off water runs all over. With my setup this does not happen, the bottom is flat and the water that does runoff will just drain back in. Even the EZ clone drips water all over when you remove the top. i change my water every three days.

    I have built 5 cloners this year soem that leaked and some that didnt and this one is by far the best of them. With this cloner you dont have to worry about it leaking from the cord. I just run the cord through the top with a slit. I'll post some pictures when this run of clones are done.

    The rubbermaid RN tote is the best tote for aeroponics but I would rather have my own. I'm tired of seeing posts of them leaking though. I just prefer this setup because I can remove the whole lid without having to pop a lid or spill a drop of water. Relying on any lid for a seal, that you have to pull off is a bad idea, It will eventually warp or lose it's seal. The main thing is I never have to worry about it leaking EVER.

    The point of this DIY is that this cloner is leak proof forever!

    GanjaBot Member

    Well as stated before great build.. havent had any problems w my roughnecks..but definately going to keep an eye out since they are only like 2 months old.

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    They are the best bet for homemade aero cloners! Just don't warp the lid!

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    I'm too lazy to do this

    A high volume air pump + 4 large oxystones + ~ 200ppm Hydro-Research VEG+BLOOM grows crazy roots. Feed air tubes from the lid instead of the side as I first did. Plugged those holes with silicone

    IMG_1154.jpg IMG_1155.jpg

    GanjaBot Member

    Swear I jinxed myself... starting having a small drip leak from right handle of my cloner.... good thing I had this post to refer too!

    Guzias1 Well-Known Member

    did you take some if not all of those clones off a flowering plant???? looks mlike little buds on some, if sooo, about how long does it take for cutting to be rooted, and transplanted?

    and one more thing,... and if it is a clone that was taken off a flowering plant.. how do those clones work out? do they tend to want to flower faster, easier, when put in to 12/12?

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    Flowering cuts normally take about 21 days to root. Its also strain dependant, when they root.

    guevera Member

    I know this thread is older than dirt...but gotta give you props for this idea. Leaking cloners have been the bane of my existence for months. I had to replace part of a subfloor in my nursery because of it. I've tried everything from clamps (worked about 50%) to just putting the cloners in tubs to catch the overflow (works perfect, but I still wind up losing my water over the course of a couple of days, which means inconsistent results). Just used your brilliant idea and so far, no leaks! Thanks

    wanalearn Member

    i know this is a very old post but has anyone got these pictures or can show me cant seem to find the pictures?

    [email protected]@ Well-Known Member

    my cloner is leak-proof. I use stinkbud cloner plans with a different tote. by the way roughneck totes at some point they will leak.

    good luck and happy growing brute cloner.jpg DSCN3931.JPG

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    [email protected]@ Well-Known Member

    spend a little bit more for a better product. there is no need for a rope caulk, weather strip or a second lid. no modifications at all.

    I like to have my peace of mind when I go out.:wink:

    Good luck and happy growing. DSCN3940.JPG DSCN3937.JPG DSCN3938.JPG DSCN3942.JPG DSCN3943.JPG
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    Vonkins Well-Known Member

    I want to try the 2 lid idea but there was no pics so I could make sure I do it right. I'm currently using a 35 gallon tote with the plastic clamps where the handles are. I've installed weather stripping and it still leaks like a bitch. I have a c clamp on each corner but it only helps minimally.

    Morriston55 Well-Known Member

    Still have the pics somewhere @ nightmarecreature

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