Buried Treasue: Hemp Roots

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    I wonder if freeze drying them would
    A. Hurt their potency
    B. Make them easier to grind.
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    wow, very nice write up.....
    Budley Doright

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    Couldn't resist lol. Carry on!

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    Im curious what you googled to find that:lol:
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    Co worker sent it last week :). Our service group is not very politically correct, including the women ;). To continue with the root thing, I was boiling the roots many years ago but for the sole purpose of trying to drive the supposedly large concentrations of THC out and into the plants lol. Pretty sure it didn't help lol. I always leave my outdoor bags intact over the winter and empty them in the same spot in spring. The rootball is completely composted and I have built up a great base for each plant. After the plant is established I cut the bag and let the roots hit the base, works well and allows the root ball to get larger than the bag alone :).
    IMG_3110.JPG This girl is 7' tall but started in a 7 gallon bag :).
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