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    Ehanley75 New Member

    Are these breeders worth spending the extra money on because I notice that there prices tend to stay the same on these seed banks opposed to other breeders

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    lol nope garbage imo..all i see is bad reviews but i got a freebie and gave it a shot anyway..bhudda tahoe, more like bhudda no grow... it just stalled out and stopped doing anything at all at about 8 inches next to 3 other strains that were just fine that were not cc.

    jbrown3 Active Member

    well i have heard that the tahoe og was super fire, and the chem valley kush too, so i don't know to many mixed reviews to say

    highplaindriftr New Member

    damn kermit, i had the same freebie and same results..what imo "swerve" is a joke. Ive never seen any good results at all from CC, in maybe 40 beans...lots of herms. I also heard OGR is working with swerve now so watch out for OGR as well. Ive personally grown some good ogr but seen many bad herms from him lately.

    Fazer1rlg Active Member

    My buddy a caregiver here in denver has a lot of fire cuts from swerves stock. Budda Tahoe, Tahoe og, white fire og, jedi kush. They are all great plants that's a bummer for those that the seeds didn't prove themselves.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    Idk all the stuff I've frown from Cali con has been great .. pre 98 bubba kush, FEMS even, and the Larry og was fire as well..
    Seen plenty of grows of his Tahoe and everyone says it's some straight fire..
    Not so sure about his newer stuff though tbh.. that's not to say swerve couldn't use some major improvements in his customer service though..

    althor Well-Known Member

    I have had great plants from Cali Connection.

    Just go in with a buyer beware.

    I will certainly continue growing Cali Conn gear.

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    98 bubba is nice but the bluedream was shit, and the chem 91 i soaked 2 beans nothing scuffed nothing so i bashed em with a hammer...
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    Ehanley75 New Member

    Thanks guy I just bought some big bud x white widow ..fem from herbies don't kno the breeder and 3 auto flower bio deisl .fem from critical mass and they sent a free marzar x white rhino fem and two reg white widow x skunk 1 i new that everyone has been getting Hermes I would have never got fem seeds what are the chances they will be Hermes or even germaate for that matter for now on I think I'm going to stick with reg seeds

    ta2drvn Well-Known Member

    I got some CC gear going right now, 91 chem I got 2 freebie 10 packs upon arrival at least 2-3 sees per pack were green and immature, I took them all out and tried popping them first knowing they would do nothing and after 2+ weeks of nada I tossed them. I popped a few others at the same time some they were just verifying what I figured would happen and the packs were free so how much can I really complain about free seeds. The next attempt at popping the 91 chem was very different. I choose 4 good looking mature looking seeds and put in wet paper towels, 3 days later as a joke I tell my wife something smartass about them and I check them and 3 of 4 had sprouted! And 2 days later the other one did as well, that was about the fastest I've ever seen beans pop. 3 of the 4 survived and are growing and doing fine looks like I have 2 different phenos but it is very early, they have not shown sex yet.

    I also popped some Jedi, good success with those and I have two different phenos, both look like sour D, kinda very sativa growth and stretch one has sativa looking leaves the other more indica looking.

    both outside so no idea if they gonna herm or not but I'm very happy with both so far.

    althor Well-Known Member

    There is nothing wrong with fem seeds. There are things wrong with breeders. Breeders that have shit fem seeds will generally have problem reg seeds as well.

    Clankie Well-Known Member

    the blue dream haze threw actual balls everywhere, like literally everywhere. i was totally underwhelmed by corleone kush. i just started the osd freebie i got, out of my love for the original sour cut, which i liked much better than the east coast cut.
    Mad Hamish

    Mad Hamish Well-Known Member

    Tahoe is DANKNESS in itself.
    Mad Hamish

    Mad Hamish Well-Known Member

    Age old viability test that. Smash 'em with a hammer and if they break they won't grow. If they don't smash again to make sure they're really, really viable. It works I swear. Go check it out. The smashed ones definitely don't grow.
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    amgprb Well-Known Member

    They are actually at the top of my list for my next order. I am really interested in 818 headband & LA Affie. They both look bomb-digity!

    Anyone ever order direct from their site?

    wyteberrywidow Global

    have you looked at the forum lately. Spam galore over there I wouldn't go thru the store would go thru the seedbanks instead.
    Cali connection to me has some of the best seed reps for og. I found plenty of nice girls growing out cc gear and tahoe was hands down the best smoker.

    amgprb Well-Known Member

    Thanks for lookin out. Didnt know if it was worth it to get em direct from the breeder, but I had intended to buy em from herbies.

    Tahoe was THAT good, huh? Maybe i should add it to the list! I thought it looked good, but LA Affie was fuckin gorgeous, and the 818 really intrigued me.

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    Personally I've never had a femmie go herm on me, and all have germinated. But those were all tried and true strains from proven breeders.

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    well i smashed em with one of those hammers you get at the fair :D but i wish i snagged the tahoe after all the feedback. i did get the buddah tahoe, odds of scoring a tahoe leaner and a king louis leaner? i can dream...
    Mad Hamish

    Mad Hamish Well-Known Member

    The Tahoe's pretty amazing, but let me tell you a little secret I just got wize to: A bud of mine just cropped his Rascal's OG from CC. So far he reckons he can't tell it from the Tahoe, not as far as smell or resin goes. But it yields a fuktonne more...

    Yeah not a noob's plant to grow, but once it goes it GOES. Quite stretchy and a bit leggy, but makes up for it in pure power that's for sure.

    Not a good buy if you grow from seed. A ten-pack averages 2 girls. So definitely for those of us that keep mums and clones, and growing 10 plants for 8 weeks to find those two girls is a pain in the ass. BIGTIME. If you plant only 5 then you're not guaranteed a girl.

    So for that and a few reasons, I have a feeling the Tahoe will remain a pretty exclusive smoke, and IF you do find it to buy you're going to pay through your teeth...

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