Can anyone confirm this as Ca def?

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    W99 (bagseed)
    Organic raised bed mix
    1.75g pot
    300W Galaxy Hydro LED
    12/12 from seed
    27 days old

    No feedings what so ever except for one dose of epsom salt (a pinch to a gallon) and a week or so after that i gave a teaspoon of blackstrap (per gallon)

    Calcium def? I dont really have any nutes besides the molasses and epsom salt but I do have some coming in the mail soon, megacrop. I think shes hungry but im trying to keep this organic and I thought the soil would have enough nutes in it to last the plant longer but I guess not.

    Suggestions? Thanks.

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    Buba Blend

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    Has the look of a plant that is being watered to often.

    badmojo420 Well-Known Member

    i think one of my roommates had watered it. I only give it plain water once every 2-3 days. Yesterday morning I had given it a cup of water and left for 12 hours and when i came back home the soil was soaked (you can see in the photo the soil is freshly wet) and there was fresh water dripping from the drainage and im SURE (as in 100% positive) that I didnt soak the soil enough for it to be dripping for 12 hours.

    Im specifically asking about the rusty spots on the lower leaf, is that the start of calcium deficincy?
    Stink Bug

    Stink Bug Well-Known Member

    Ca deficiencies generally show in new growth, not older growth because its an immobile element within the plant. New growth looks pretty good. Actually the plant looks pretty good overall.
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    Lite Well-Known Member

    she is being stressed by her environment it looks like. look at them purple stems
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    badmojo420 Well-Known Member

    here is a fresh photo i just snapped of this plant. its about 15 hours after snapping the photo of the last one which was just before lights off.

    USPS says my mega crop nutrient sample should be coming today so I will probably give it some of that on the next watering.

    purple stems could be mg def possibly ive read? you can really see them in the second photo. the plant has strictly been feeding off of what came in the soil, the only additives ive given were the pinch of epsom salt and tea spoon of black strap.

    i think im gonna hold out until shes dry and just start her on a feeding schedule.

    i think you are right about stress too, i did have a timer issue happening and my 12/12 light schedule got messed up for a couple days and i just sorted that out yesterday when i had snapped the first photo of the original post. image1(8).JPG image2(5).JPG

    thanks for everyons input, appreciated.
    Stink Bug

    Stink Bug Well-Known Member

    The purple stems and petioles most likely are normal. Research source and sink leaves. I dont see any signs of stress or deficiencies. I wouldnt hit them too hard with your new nutes at first. The plant looks pretty darn healthy.
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    leather lungs

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    Nice plant
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