Can it warm up already? shesh

a mongo frog

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I'm so sick of this weather teasing up it needs to warm up already I'm so sick of this cold weather ARGG!! I don't know but yall but fuck this bs
Alright we'll do something about it, but don't be one of those that complain when its too hot too. Cant have it both ways bro.


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The fruit trees are safe, though. Good for the farmers not to have the warm snap, then freeze.


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Yes they do. And of all the states and areas I've lived in, Northern MI is the only area that this was true. Not the case when I was in mid-MI


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Nw Michigan blows. It sucks starting late on so many things, just put up my plastic on the hoop. Hopefully we don't get another damn foot.


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good friday past two weeks ago and we had a hard freeze night before last. Now my hydrangea has died again..good thing I brought my herbs in and haven't planted anything else yet!

ita with the op, damn this cold. I want my summer stat! :P