Can You Extract THC From Cannaoil?

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    I guess the method would be to seperate the fat from the oil itself being the thc bonded to the fat. Does anyone have a method?
    I put the oil in a jar of water and shook it around repeatedly for several days. I let it sit for several days and now it has a thick white film between the oil and water.
    Could that film be the thc?

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    You can fractional distill it for a clean extract. I'm dropping off 30g of iso extract for my buddy to process into distillate.

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    Solvent extractions are not safe outside of a chem lab and so won't say any more about that. In small amounts for lab testing, one procedure is to flash heat the sample and collect essential oil onto a chilled surface above the heated sample. You might devise a procedure from that.

    Fractional distillation sounds like a good idea too although iso extract is pretty different from cannaoil. You would heat the sample in lab glassware and a fractional distillation column is used to separate components of the essential oil.

    I have as much of an idea as you of what that layer is that you asked about. I don't take my edibles to a lab for analysis, I test with my head. Unless that layer has a smell or looks like bacterial or fungal growth, you can always test it by it's effect.

    Hops are a comparatively cheap material to use to develop a procedure.

    Stay safe.

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    That film is likely some waxes that are slightly water soluble and the THC is still in the oil on top. Is this pot/cannabis oil that has been dissolved in a carrier oil like olive or coconut oil? If so you're stuck with it without some seriously sensitive fractional distillation gear.

    When I'm low on naphtha I'll do a bulk extract with methanol or ISO then clean that up with a small amount of naphtha doing a separation to concentrate the oil solubles and get rid of the contaminants to lower the yield but raise the quality. Can get it close to BHO quality doing that but still doesn't separate the THC from the rest of the cannabinoids.
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    I suggest using coconut oil instead of butter or any other kind of oil.
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    Fractional distillation is really your only option if you want to get anywhere near "100% THC". The equipment isn't all that expensive but it's important to do your research on the topic before attempting it as there are hazards involved especially if you are distilling a solvent extract.

    The other commenter was likely correct about the white substance being plant wax. Definitely not something you want to smoke.
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    Plant fat

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    Plant fat

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    distilation maybe?

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