Cannabis community built on blockchain.


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I posted this in the introduce yourself section, maybe it should have gone here instead.

Hi everyone! bongsmilie

Let me start by saying this forum and before it, grasscity have been such a valuable resource of knowledge for me and hundreds of thousands of others. So thank you!

I havent really posted much on here because I have never really looked for anything rather than to learn more about growing and to help others where I can. Well now the world is relaxing and waking up to the benefits of the greatest plant on earth... I can see a bright future for the cannabis community as a whole. Roll it up is clearly the largest and most active forum but it lacks in ways being that it is, just a forum.

At the moment, there isnt really any easy direction for anyone who is new to growing, on where and how to learn. There is so much info out there, its easy to get overwhelmed, its taken me years, to get to a point where I feel I no longer need to look for answers on what I'm doing wrong. I have read so many threads, looked at endless photos and been down some weird and wonderful rabbit holes looking for that knowledge. That journey has lead me to discover a whole new world of knowledge, things like breeding, or the science behind concentrates and all the different cannabinoids. I have so much more to learn.

A simple app, where you can take a photo of your plant and get a diagnosis, would be pretty simple id imagine. But then combined with a community who can further help by people who can opt in to get notifications and can earn a reputation by helping and be rewarded. Much like what goes on here but hopefully without the trolls, who would be flushed out and restricted based on their reputation.

Lets build a platform for the community as a whole, built on blockchain so members all over the world can interact with content providers (breeders - influencers - artists - whatever) and trade with NFTs and a cannabis specific, stable, community token.

Such a platform could allow for breeders to come together under a global spotlight and create for themselves a social token for their market base to buy merchandise, the better the breeder - the more interest their token will generate - the higher their value will go, essentially. The same thing could apply to influencers, developers, dispensaries and anyone and everything that has to do with the greatest plant on earth. The governments want to cash in on the pot industry, lets decentralise is so they cant.

So if you are a coder and want to do something great, if you have a business specific to cannabis and want to bring your product to the world in one easy place, if you like what you are reading, or even if you don't, I'm open to discussion.

Lets get this started.


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It's already a decentralized commodity, with value attached to it based on market supply and demand. Economics 101. Im sorry i don't see enough positives in the idea of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) being attached to it. What happens when a breeder dies? Or a dispensary closes? It would be like those collectable Pogs, or Ty bennie babies. Only those niche players interested would trade them.
Ok those are the cons, now for the pros. If a breeder wanted to revive a long dead strain and needed capital, they could raise money releasing NFTs i suppose.
Idk maybe im not seeing this the same way as you when you thought it up, but i wouldn't mind helping to flesh it out purely from an academic perspective


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It's already a decentralized commodity
Biden has a plan to make cannabis a class 2 substance which could end dispensary's. Is it not still a Federal offence to posses/cultivate in pretty much every country in the world?

What happens when a breeder dies? Or a dispensary closes? It would be like those collectable Pogs, or Ty bennie babies. Only those niche players interested would trade them.
Yeah the NFTs can be used for their specific purpose, like cheech n chongs first whatever or
Breeders would benefit from a social token attached to their name (not NFT) while the community can earn rewards through a stablecoin attached to the network that can be then swapped for the social tokens or the NFTs
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I wont get into the whole political side of this discussion, no fkn way. Stick to the merits your concept has.
Can you find any other commodity that has already implemented something similar? Even if it's a non-perishable.
What i don't like is that in the concept of cannabis culture we are free spirited, nature oriented people. Monetization of it to the point of minimizing the actual plant borders on angering me