Canon Rebel EOS XS


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I know this is an older Camera but I got one barely used for a great deal today. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this camera and/or any advice/tips on using it.

Cheers :)


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I had an older version of that which was about the same. I think its a very good value camera, those things sell dirt cheap and also other cameras around those times are very good bang for the buck.

Just learn basics of photography and turn it on manual mode when learning. Only after you figure out why use certain settings manually, start using those auto exposure modes, more precisely auto exposure time and auto ISO(if that model had one). Stay away from full auto and the one that adjusts f-number automatically, that mode is only for osme very special situations you dont need ever most likely.

Just watch some general photograph tutorials. It doesent matter all that much which camera you have. All of them have same 3 factors, exposure time, f-number(hole inside lens) and ISO(how sensitive the sensor is in picking up light).

Do know that you can fit old lenses with adapters on your camera and there are plenty of dirt cheap old camera lenses around. M42 lenses used to be popular and fit to canon cameras well with simple and cheap adapter. Ofc you dont get autofocus with these old lenses, but you should learn to focus manually anyways. Not because you want to use manual focus all the time, but because its very valuable in some situations. Especially when you get to the part where you start to create a certain big focused area and then move the focused are so that it begins and ends in exactly the right places.

A lot or perhaps i should say everything that comes to the artistic side, it doesent matter if you study painting or photography, composition etc follow the same ideas, only the tools are different.