CBD curing cancer


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Thanks for that. I'm amassing quite a few sites in my Prostate bookmark folder. A buddy of mine here a few years younger than me just had a bone scan and his has spread to the bones so he's getting a drug called Leuprolide. I looked that up for him and it's for advanced cancer patients so he needs to get on RSO ASAP. He's been having a lot of bone pain and his PSA is over 60. His biopsy was positive for cancer too. Got a serious infection from that as well. If I ever get one it's going o be trans-perennial rather than trans-rectal. Way less side effects or chances of infection. He's now seeing the same urologist as me.

Since I started the RSO my LUTS, (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms), have greatly improved. Whether it's killing cancer or causing a reduction of my enlarged prostate I'm not sure but it's doing positive things for sure. 90% of the time I piss like a teen ager and rarely have to get up at night to pee. The urgency seems to be gone.

My first two MRIs didn't find any tumours and I get another one mid-Aug so we'll see what's up then. If my PSA is down and my prostate has shrunk or at least not grown then I'll get another scan in a couple of years but that's it. The vast majority of prostate cancers in men over 65 will never cause any real problems and I'm betting I'm one of those guys. My testosterone is very high for a guy my age and that causes more DHT which increases the PSA but is not cancer related. The larger the prostate the higher the PSA too and mine is almost double the normal size at 75cc. My last PSA was 13.2 from 10.6 a year and a half earlier.

I'm not losing sleep over it and there's lots more I can do yet to make this crap go away. I have not yet begun to fight! :)