Cbd tincture


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Hi All. I made my first batch of Cbd tincture using mmg candida strain. The plant was quite hard to grow, low yeild and 1 out of 3 seeds survived. So my harvest is very precious indeed as its very difficult to acess in australia.
After harvesting about 18g i ground it up, decarbed, soaked in warm alcohol bath for about an hour and then let it soak in a jar for a month.( basic green dragon method) I used pure alcohol a friend distilled.
Now the tincture is very dark green and i strained and threw away most of the leftovers. However i dried out some of the leftover bud and smoked some and found that it was still active as in i got noticeable relaxation etc. This worried me as i just threw out most of the leftovers and thought perhaps the alcohol extraction didnt remove all of the alkaloids( noooo). I hate to think i threw out precious cbd product. I would have thought the high grain alcohol would pull most if not all alkaloids from material.
Just wondering if anyone with tincture experience has any thoughts?
Look forward to growing more next season and producing better medicine.


Old thread but figured I'd offer my limited experience.

I grew two Norther Lights as house plans. When I got tired of the smell in the house I harvested the leaves and the little buds. I found a few different youtube videos about making a tincture and vaguely followed the general consensus.

I crushed up the dried leaves, baked them in the oven at 325 for 3 minutes (something something conversion), then used a double boiler setup to boil a cup or so of Everclear with I guess about 1/2 cup of leaf for something like 30 minutes. Then stained it into a medicine jar. Had I know how well this would turn out I would have taken notes. A dropper full in my morning coffee made for a nice 10-12 hour mild euphoria.

Once I get my new grow setup tuned in I'm going to get a Norther Light started and grow it strickly for leaf production and (damn it!) document my method.


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I tested my Candida CBD and was .8% THC & 9.62% CBD cured 9weeks and made 28mg gummies and it’s amazing how it subdued the pain,looking at doing another batch of 150- 30mg gummies. Ive been working on this 2 years and finally seeing the point I can cut back on meds although it’s only been a week. Will keep all posted!