Citizen CLU048-1212 Square Framework, is it worth it?

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    Ryland Member

    Hello all,

    I was wondering if my 2.5x2.5 grow tent (reflective walls) would accommodate this 200 watt citizen CLU048 Square Framework (3500): (Citizen CLU048-1212 3500K COB LEDs)

    or I would be better off spending the extra 200$ and getting a black dog 200? A few questions about the Citizen though that the manufacturer seemed to answer (but they're all salesmen so I wanted to ask a more reliable source slash verify their answers).

    - Average yield per watt of this unit? (I hear around 1g/w doesn't seem to hard to achieve)
    - Life span/is it durable? (can last me up to 50,000 hours I hear - a long ass time)
    - Is this the best LED light option as far as price and efficiency? (I hear yes - Cree very simular)
    - Keep how far away from your plants? (24-30 for veg, 12-18 bloom I hear)
    - Will it cover my 2.5x2.5x5.25'' space? (I hear yes, 2x2 seems more appropriate but I can squeak by with 2.5x2.5 - gotta keep electricity down or roommates in general will complain - maybe throw a CFL in the corner)
    - Should I buy the dam thing? (Better than my mars hydro 300 which I was going to use to veg and this for flower)

    As always appreciate the help and would love to hear anyones opinion even if it doesn't answer any of my questions.

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    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    Yield yes that is correct 1gpw is obtainable
    yes 50k hours is what they say don't know actual time because in 12/12 that is 11.4 years they haven't been around that long.
    distance is a good general starting point.
    Yes it will cover your area a better option would be

    Either one of them would be better than a black dog led and just a heads up most of the people that are selling cob led equipment are members here and are growers first sales second from what I have seen. Most are willing to help and answer your questions. They are not just out to make a sale.

    frica Well-Known Member

    The Blackdog led is less efficient than a DE HPS
    It only puts out 1 umol/j
    (CLU048s at 50 watt each should put 2+ umol/j)
    So just don't buy one, maybe if they were less than a dollar per watt but then I'd just buy some regular philips LED bulbs or HPS.

    Blackdog also puts some sketchy shit on their site like claiming COBs are "unreliable" and the "efficiency myth" They also proudly post stuff like a 7 ounce growth with their 215 watt Phyto 200. That's 0.91 g/w. Which can also be achieved by using generic much cheaper 80 lm/w LED bulbs

    The CLU048 200 framework is excellent for that space.
    1 g/w should be easy to achieve.

    This one's really good for the price too, but sold out currently.

    You could also buy a 315 LEC if you're open for HID.

    Life span is going to be very long yes.
    The 50k hours is just than after 50k hours the LEDs have 70% of their original lumen output, it will still continue to shine.
    Meanwell drivers aren't going to fail either.
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    Nenno44 Well-Known Member

    If you are willing to build you could build that light for cheaper yourself or use the same amount of money and build something bigger. If you think that is a option talk to @CobKits he could set you up real nice.

    tstick Well-Known Member

    Timber Grow Lights for the win.
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    greg nr

    greg nr Well-Known Member

    cobkits sells those citizen cobs for about $13, so figure a 4 cob rig like above just in parts...

    cobs ~$60
    Meanwell driver - ~$60
    heatsinks - ~$100
    holders/reflectors/etc - ~$20

    So you are at ~$280 BEFORE the metalwork. Just in light bits. At $359 built it is a good deal. They must be sourcing parts in bulk off alibaba. But hey. your time is money!
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    Ryland Member

    thank you all very helpful!

    DankaDank Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I know this is random but I couldn't help but notice something unusual in the timber link previously posted.

    Judging by the Citi calculation Tool and the CLU048-1212C4-353M2K1 LER and QER, shouldn't the PPF be around 430 ?

    Or have these lights been sphere tested?
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    Moflow Well-Known Member

    What is the efficiency of the 1212 at 1400ma?
    I can't access the citi calculator so I'm using numbers from sheets I've seen on RIU.
    Im running the 1212 4000k at 600ma-ish so I guesstimate 51% efficient.....
    Any help greatly appreciated
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    DankaDank Well-Known Member

    I need CRI to calculate the 1212 @1400.

    The 1212 4000k 80CRI @ 600ma is 172 Lm/W and draws 20.1
    Luminous flux = 3457.2
    ╬╝mol/s = 3457.2 /71,1579 = 48,58
    efficiency = (172/ 338 x 100 = 50.89%
    Tj was at 60*c

    Hope that helps.
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    qballizhere Well-Known Member

    Use the diy calculator
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    Moflow Well-Known Member


    Baura Active Member

    i had some difficult times triyng to run it, but i can assure you that the calculator is heaven!
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    Baura Active Member

    I ran it in windows by the way, haven't tried on android cause I am an iOS peasent
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    Moflow Well-Known Member

    Im gonna have to get the old laptop outta mothballs ffs! Lol

    MasterMiller Well-Known Member

    I have the 200w 4 cob citizen diy kit(NO frame) on the way and I'm gonna just do a real time test cause I'm the dumbest Asian guy at math so eff it. I haven't really been able to find too many grows that are documented with the clu048 1212 but I took a gamble on a couple P300's so why not try these out
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    Baura Active Member

    If anyone could show me how I calculate a heatsink to achieve tc50 at multiple currents(048-1212 at 700ma, 1100 and 1400)....

    I'm considering using the mechatronix Passive 9980 and or iceled, but how do I calculate the tc of the 1212 at 1400 in a 9980x?

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