Clones getting sad and diying


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I dont bother taking my dome off for 7 days,just leave them.Forget to put dome back on and they'll wilt pretty quick.This is why I dont keep the humidity high.


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I personally don't understand how everybody got the patience with running clones in domes when you can clone in a simple DWC cloner?

I can't remember when a clone didn't root. I set them in the cloner with ambient light and temperature typical 20C/68F.

No wilt, misting, cubes and no watering except when filling the cloner. Set and forget, roots in 7-10 days.
I had troubles with a dwc cloner... rockwool seemed quicker and less hassle... more reliable.


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You use the whole rockwool slab I see in your 1st post.You cant have standing water in the tray the rockwool needs to have some air.I individually shake out moisture from each cube.Yours are all still together, easy to be too wet.
Ok this one so far so good but it's only been 2 days an am also spraying the leafs ones a day I been knowdessing that start going bad in the day 9 or 10


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Are you presoaking the rockwool in a pH'd water?

I occasionally use an aerocloner during the cooler months but I mainly use rockwool. I take a lot clones and keep cultivars separated in their own trays as part of my mechanical IPM.

Plants are very vulnerable at the clone stage. Open wounds on cuttings can invited pathogens. I've found placing cuts in a cup of tap waters (some growers even add a drop or two of bleach) helps ensure survival and reduces bacterial infections.

Then dip and place in rockwool. Spray the dome and just leave them alone for a week.