Clones having trouble rooting

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    Meast21 Well-Known Member

    Is a 1 bulb 26W CFL 1200 lumens about 15 inch's above the top of my clones in a cloner a significant amount of light??? I know clones don't like heat... Doing these clones in a mister, its actually called the dewey mister.
    70's natureboy

    70's natureboy Well-Known Member

    I would guess yes. I always use flourescent tubes 2' or 4'.

    Meast21 Well-Known Member

    Maybe I need a humidity dome?? My humidity in my basement in the summer is 70% and in the winter its 60% on avg... I can see the roots in the stem, but they don't want to pop out of the stem.

    Sailormoses Well-Known Member

    With my clone king I was using a 60 watt reg lightbulb 2 ft away, now I use 200w cfl at 1 ft away and just plain tap water. Tons of roots after 2 wks with clonex

    NICK72690 Well-Known Member

    don't even need light to clone really just keep em in the dome

    shrxhky420 Well-Known Member

    How long ago did you take cuttings? What are your temps? R/h seems a little low to me. I think a dome would do you well.
    My r/h typically 80 or above.

    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Never seen that product before, that looks interesting. If you need a bit of help getting clones to root, look into aloe vera. You can grab an aloe cutting from pretty much any Lowes/Home Depot, cut off one of the leaves (I believe they even call them filets?) and squeeze as much of the juice out of it as you can and mix it with water. Then strain the aloe water through a coffee filter or something so it doesn't clog up your dewey mister. Aloe vera is a must for cloning, I haven't paid for rooting gel in over 5 years now. Aloe is not only practically free but it'll give you way better results than any cloning gel on the market.

    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    Willow tree water has a natural rooting hormone. Just cut off a new branch and cut into 1 inch segments put in a jar for 24 hours. Do you use a heating mat on the bottom in conjunction with the dome? Gotta have that. Some strains are also harder to clone. Never heard of aloe sounds interesting. Clones like to be warm but not hot.

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    How long has it been since you started them?
    No humidity dome should be necessary for your style of cloner. You mentioned the clones dont like heat, which is true but they do like it warm and humid. ambient temps of 78-80*F, high humidity and a lower intensity light. Keep the water clean & maintained. Make sure the air pump you use for the mister isnt blowing hot air into your tank heating the water.
    Good luck!
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    MM422 Active Member

    It has to be warm for best results, clones dont do well in colder conditions. I dont like the heat mats either. Just need to be in a warm area, 75 80 degrees is ideal. No fan. I get roots in 7 days, if you dont get roots by 2 weeks then its not looking good
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    Meast21 Well-Known Member

    I can see the roots in the bottom of the stem I just can't seem to get the roots to bust through the stem...

    Meast21 Well-Known Member

    My basement in the summer is 78 degrees and about 75% humidity. In the winter the temp is 65 degrees and 55% humidity, I have problems in both the summer and winter.... I can see a few long roots in the bottom of the stems, but they just never poke through the stem.

    Smokinr33 Well-Known Member

    A picture of this could help us help you

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Im sorry, I cant picture what you mean?

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I agree hard to picture whats going on with a description like that ive never seen roots in a stem especially if you say they are long?

    To the op Red said everything you need to know about aero cloners its exactly what i was going to write :)

    Only thing ill add is i never got funk in my aero cloner running plain ph water .

    When you add nutes sometimes a funk will follow if conditions are right .
    If the stems not brown and mushy they should still be ok (not a guarantee )
    A few 8 drops of bleach per gallon every 3 days can keep it clean if its hot.

    And some strains are just reluctant to root or have to mich nitrogen built up makeing it hard for roots
    full of purple

    full of purple Well-Known Member

    Not true
    Takes me 1 month sometimes but I don't use root hormones

    ANC Well-Known Member

    It depends on the part of the plant you take it off. If you can snap the stalk off easily with a clean break, it is in green tissue that should root in a week.

    Meast21 Well-Known Member

    In the base of the stem I can actually see a few individuals roots, however they can never break through the "skin" of the stem.

    Meast21 Well-Known Member

    Yeah It takes me this long sometimes
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    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Aside from roots, what is the condition of the cuts at this point? Sometimes when they take too long to root, they dampen off and will basically just sorta stay alive, but not root. The stem will have small white bumps where it tried to root but didnt, and the stem will begin to brown out and look "mushy". Thats usually about the time one would throw in the towel and start a new batch of cuts to root. Got any pics? A pic can say 1000 words.
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