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    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    Been a member here for awhile. Check history if want. Looking for good FIRE. Need clones of indica plants. Im surrounded with average common strains an fake gg4 ect. Please pm me. Im not looking for a free hand out. Looking for honest person that can help me with clones which will help me provide for my patients. I have family and not able to travel around states to find cuttings. Thanks.

    ForeverGreen42 Well-Known Member

    Plenty of dispensaries with good clones. Good luck!
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    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    if you can't buy a pack of beans and find a keeper and then keep a mother plant, you might not need patients. just sayin.
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    Final Phase

    Final Phase Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you are in a state that isn't cannabis friendly... I remember struggling to control the flow of new clones to be ready for the next grow. About nine years ago I invested in and eZclone. Any product like an ezclone will solve a lot of your troubles. The one I got grows 30 at at time. I usually get great roots that are ready for soil in about 10 to 14 days. With my current lame system there are about 30 plants between 16 - 24 inches when I finish a grow and the 30 plants are off and running in no time...

    jeepster1993 Well-Known Member

    He wants our genetics...
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    jeepster1993 Well-Known Member

    Denver dispensaries aren't going to sell us good clones. Keeping their good genetics for themselves.
    Plus the chances of...catching something bad and alive from them is huge.
    Good seeds are also rare in Denver, a legal thing.

    None of my garden is clone-able right now. Perhaps a month. Bubba Kush S1, and Big Bad Bubba, both from CSI Humboldt femmed seeds.
    If you want to wait a month...

    Are you a DGC? Dude grows crew. A podcast.
    The Dude was offering a flo clone to the crew. first come...
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    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    My state is medical an rec will be next yr. Im from rhode island and mass just became rec. However mass comes into ri for bud. Mass has no system in place thats why they legally cannot sell bud until 2018... ri will capitalize on that. We have commercial grows now that are not allowed to give out clones or bud or anything accept to 3 dispensaries.

    3 dispensaries cannot keep good meds on shelf because they are grown by local cardholders. The tier 1 is all outsurced meds which is only 2 strains usually. As of january the new laws say dispensaries cannot take any meds from anyone but commercial centers. Commercial centers are not operational yet and are previous coop growers. So the strains are all going to be the same as before for all tier 2 and 3 .10-17% ...

    The medical crowd is all going to suffer because the good meds wont be commercially ran for awhile if ever cause rec is coming. They will stay with the common stuff that easy grown an excellent yield. The last 3 years have all been this way. Only reason meds have been around is because local ppl have small gardens of piff.

    New laws make ot illegal for cardholders to advertise they have meds. (Craigslist). The state has done a very good job of making sure every bud sold is taxed an sold through 3 stores. No outside interference. No plants are allowed to be transported anymore. I am just hoping i can source good fire fire genetics from someone cause i cant take a plane over there due to family.

    We are allowed 12 plants. I have purchased seeds before an had good success but it make me over my plant count. With new laws we also have plant tags we need to buy so i cannot be over my count and cannot take 6 months pheno hunting.
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    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    Buy a pack of seeds takes up half my legal plant count. Then veg them 8 weeks an clone all of them to keep phenos. Then veg the clones while the originals flower out. You find 1 keeper out of flowering seeds. However you now have vegged plants that you need to flower again since spent all time growing them. So i just spent 6 month growing and flowering plants to find 1 keeper IF the seeds actually have 1 worth keeping.

    So how would i supply meds to family close to me by growing out seeds? I wouldnt unless i happen to purchase the 1 pack of seeds that genetically works for my family patients out of countless genetic possibilities... not every state is allowed ton plants. My entire state is filled with the same genetics for this exact reason. All the commercail growers which there is 5 total btw. Have limited plant counts. They are businesses not in things to find best bud but what yields an grows easiest.

    I know how to grow bud as fo alot of people now. Its really just hard to find access to genetics before they cut plant count to few plants each unless your commercial which is soon to happen

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    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    Rec is coming an everyone know the deal in my state. $$$ ppl will buy cause its rec an they wont waste the time with awesome piff and seed hunting ect. Only 5 grow centers and 3 stores for state. None of them will be growing 50 plants for 5- 10pks of seeds to pheno hunt when 50 plants of blueberry (in pic) will yield3 lbs a plant. Not worth the money. I just want to supply the people i know who are patients with quality they deserve

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    Yea man, it's a damn shame. You've got this whole new wave of rec and med destroying everything over money... Plus you are east coast so already at a disadvantage, haha.

    I might recommend you look for some good S1 or F2, F3 seeds, etc. S1 might be unstable or whatever but usually ok.

    Other than that, yea, you are gonna wanna find someone willing to ship you some. I've heard good things about clone shipper.
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    AlGore Well-Known Member

    lol, not sure where you live but it's pretty easy to find good genetics in clone and seed all over CO. And people please stop regurgitating the, "dispensaries are gonna keep the good to themselves." thing. We know, they arent selling their elite hype shit till everyone has it. But that does not mean you can't get good clean genetics. I can think of several shops that sell quality stuff.
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    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    Whats clone shipper? I can look into it for sure

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    It's a little cup with an LED in it to keep the plant alive in the mail.

    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    Ohh damn lol. Yeah house an garden i think. Thats what i would use if i went out there somehow to send back. However i wouldnt mind even with just cuttings not rooted. I can root them easily.

    mauricem00 Well-Known Member

    seems like seed banks in Europe still have good strains but whats sold in dispensaries here is disappointing. seeds and clones are not sold here so need to order from foreign seed banks or drive to another state to get clones of unknown quality.

    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    Just read of seeds from greentony think his name was. He posted 30% thc results of his seeds that currently listed. Sucks doing seeds but hes a grower that documented his grow an results. Something like that is worth doing seeds. Hard to judge seeds desciption online cause they range so far.

    blowingupjake Well-Known Member

    Are you thinking of "Tony greens tortured beans?"

    Stay hazed,

    ricky6991 Well-Known Member

    Yes i was

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    Lots of people come out for events or vacation or whatever and head back with ziplocks containing fresh cuts.

    420producer Well-Known Member

    i went out and grabbed real GSC. gelato 33 cherry pie GG#4, do si do..and a few others. imma keep as personals. blew blunts from stockton ca. to loveland co. non stop...
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