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    IMG_0723.JPG IMG_0726.JPG IMG_0727.JPG I installed 2 x 315 in a cheap amazon 4x4 tent, temp is around low 70's with both lights on, I managed to lower temp by cutting and installed a cheap window air conditioner through the tent, use a tarp to cover the excess hole, and duct tape all seams until enclosed, I am growing in a slightly opened garage,so far no ducting required, I am in SoCal.
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    Looks like a clean start.
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    I would use at least a 400 cfm fan with big carbon filter to scrub air in garage. Don't want neighbors ect knowing you are growing in there aka why does it always smell so good around this garage/house. even if you are legal they can still complain ect.
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    got the 3 lights. I want to let all know they are Chinese and I will have an extra complete unit on hand when I get them all hung. Lets see how they stand up to time.
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    So far I like the early results in the flower room.

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    I got 2 in flower room already and so far they are holding there own. Best thing is no light bleaching like i get with the 1000 watt hid lights. next flip of room is gonna rock.

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    Your temps are awesome. Are you way up north or something?

    In my 4 x 4 one 315 puts me to about 78 and a 200 watt vero puts that to 88 and I took it out for that reason

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    I bought the Solis Tek 315, really liking it so far. Went with the 4200 k bulb on a recommendation from a friend, ill know more when I've played with it for a bit more than 1 run

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    looks like a good one. only way to know is buy it and try it.
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    Phillips 3100k beats other bulbs by 8% average PAR

    Ushio has 1% higher uv but is 10% lower in par.

    In my side by sides the Phillips lamp yields as much as 30% less than my 600 Hortilux super hps. And the 600 hps pot was chosen as more potent almost every time in our blind testing.

    Wattage is still king. Don’t believe the hype.

    I had posted last year that the cmh grew more potent pot but we removed the cmh from the room and potency and frost were as high or higher each clone run.

    The benefits of the 315 over the hps are it helps keep plants shorter and more compact at the expense of somewhat leafier buds. And it brings out more fall colors and shortens ripening up to a week on some strains. And it keeps plants greener. It also is a low watt easy to use bulb. Too low watt for best results as a single flowering lamp in my opinion.

    The 315 footprint for flowering is also smaller than even a 400 hps at 2.5’ x 2.5’. That is with the ss open vertical reflector made specifically for the bulb at 18”.

    The best buds were grown with both lamps. The 315 cmh is a fantastic supplemental lamp to complete a great flowering spectrum with hps.
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    I've been running a 315W CMH in a 4x4 for years with great success. I have 2 adjustable height 4ft T5 3000K hanging on either side of my hood for supplemental lighting. I perpetually flower 4 plants fairly short in 3 gallon fabric pots, soil. Always have been very happy with the CMH lighting.

    Recently I just switched up my 3x3 veg tent and went from an 8-bulb 2ft T5 6500K (16,000 lumens @ 192W) to a Philips 210W CMH 4200K T9 (23,000 @ 210W).

    The difference in veg is amazing after just a few weeks. They are growing much quicker and bushier than I was expecting. I try to keep a small electric bill and didn't want to go much higher than 200W for the lights in my veg tent. Seems like the 210W CMH is the perfect fit for my setup. Just thought I would let others know this option is out there. I should say that I use Philips CMH ballasts and they have a built in toggle switch for 315W or 210W. I'm sure other brands have a similar option as well. These 210W do not have an "agro" option, but do come in 4200K and 3000K spectrum.

    genuity ambition

    This is very good information ..
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    Underground Scientist

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    New 5'x5' Tent, 6" Carbon Filtered Exhaust with ActiveAir Inline Fan and Speed Controller. 6" Bug Guarded 6" Passive Intake. 2 Blizzard 6" Oscillating Fans. Crap Evaporative Humidifier.

    2 x 315 Phillips 3100k Bulbs retrofitted into a Sun Systems Dominator XXXL Hood & Prism Ballasts

    24" to Canopy

    IMG_20180215_200642540_HDR.jpg IMG_20180215_200700584.jpg

    Cool, but I'm 100% Sure I'm going to switch to 2 Vertical Sun Systems Reflectors. I have 1, need one more.

    I used my lux meter and the equity of the light intensity isn't to my liking. But this is excellent without a full house of plants.
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    Underground Scientist

    Underground Scientist Well-Known Member

    I'd like it better if I pulled that left bulb mount further left to mirror the right bulb mount...but I'm a symmetry freak :bigjoint:
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    DCobeen Well-Known Member

    with the XXXL hood you kinda need 3 315 bulbs as the spread is so big. I have a XXXL hood and it covers a 5x6 area with a 1k bulb at 24 inch over canopy and maxes out LUX app on phone at canopy at those distance with new bulb. I have to go another 6 inch lower or out to get meter to start dropping. Its a huge hood. Do you have a regular hood? or lower it down another 8 inches to 16" over canopy. Tent looks great.
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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    I watched that video and then checked on what lamp I am using.

    LOL I got lucky and had already bought that Phillips Elite Agro. second thoughts. :0)

    It is amazing to see my Tangie looking done before a full seven weeks are past.

    A few ambers and I will take it....little or no trichs not cloudy already.


    DCobeen Well-Known Member

    are you saying no cloudy or all cloudy? Maybe I just need more coffee to wake up.
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    I have had a bunch of plants finishing under the 315 that finished in 9 weeks instead of their average 10.

    The results under the 2 Hortilux 600 super hps and the 1 315 LEC together have been fantastic.

    Better than either alone.
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    Underground Scientist Well-Known Member

    What do shoot for in lux measurements? That's how I gauge intensity.

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