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    Debts are not an automatic denial, I would try regardless.

    GenLo Member

    Word I suppose I might as well give it a shot. I was just hoping there wouldn't be any legal repercussions about it if I don't disclose it, or should I? Sorry I should have clarified that. Should I disclose this sort of debt or not bother?

    disposition84 Well-Known Member

    I'm no lawyer but depending on your badge makes the background check extent vary. You are technically signing an agreement
    saying you acknowledge that you have no outstanding issues, so could be some hangup there or they could just deny you once
    they found out. If you're just going for your support I'd say just try for it IMO.

    Osburn Active Member

    If you actually want to make decent money, avoid the MMJ industry like the plague. I wasted almost two years of my life figuring that out and wish I would have learned that lesson sooner. I worked as a sales rep for several MMC's and MIP's and had to weed out a lot of shady scumbag clients to find my twenty loyal clients who would have easily paid all of my bills if only my vendors could ever get their acts together, but that never happened. The average MIP or MMC owner is a young trustfunder who has no idea how to run a business, but thought it would be a cool idea to sink some of his money in the industry. They're like celebrities who open up restaurants. They are more interested in being part of the industry than making a profit. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are so few and far between that it's not worth your time. None of the MIP or MMC owners that I dealt with on a regular basis even took the time to read Amendment 64 before it was passed. They were behind the eight ball when 1284 was implemented and they will be behind the eight ball when 64 is implemented. I'm so glad I finally gave up on these douchebags and went back to corporate America. Never thought I'd say that, but it's true. Sad but true.
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    Trousers Well-Known Member

    I would never move or change my life for a $12 an hour job.

    doogleef Well-Known Member

    Yea, I came to that some conclusion. They can't afford me, lol. :mrgreen:

    disposition84 Well-Known Member

    There's a lot of soreness with many people in MMJ, but if it's really what you wanna do then go for it. If you can get things going
    and get through the hoops there really is a decent amount of money to be made. I'm not an owner by any means but I manage the
    place and have seen the figures the boss gets even from our smaller store and it's a nice chunk of change. If you can avoid all the
    pieces of shit in the industry and find a solid crew of friends things really can be an enjoyable ride.

    There is bullshit in any industry you go into, and there is definitely money in MMJ if you can figure out how to make it. There wouldn't
    be a dispensary on every block in Denver if there wasn't any money to be made.

    SahTiva Well-Known Member

    Why even go for a badge anymore, just wait out the mess if you're that interested in the industry, what 60 days tops then they'll have to do something about the growing lists or make it irrelevant? Then these dispensaries probably wont even exist anymore for the most part, all of them thinking it will be business as usual are so sorely delusional its unreal. Everyone just wants to protect their current lifestyle but if you desire to work in this industry its about to get pretty easy I'd imagine. As stated the pay wont be very crazy though.

    Osburn Active Member

    1) I agree that if you're just looking for a low paying hourly job, there are plenty of other low paying hourly jobs out there that don't require you to get an anal exam by the state and force you to constantly interact with shady scumbags.

    2) I also agree that there really isn't a point in trying to get a support badge right now. Most MIP's and MMC's gave up on getting all of their employees badged several months ago. The MMED has been running on fumes since last spring. The tax money that MMJ produced went into a black hole and was not used for its intended purpose. The most "sore" MMJ people I know are former MMED employees who got the rug pulled out from underneath them a year after they started their new career. Heck, it's hard enough getting ahold of a live body at the MMED these days much less getting your employees badged. I imagine that the new 64 pot shops won't have to submit their employees to an anal exam so I'd also recommend finding an MMJ job (if that's what you really want to do) that doesn't require you to already have a badge for the time being.

    Osburn Active Member

    Now that I think about it, the state probably figured that 64 was going to pass so it wasn't worth their time and resources to adequately regulate an industry that was going to magically disappear on January 1, 2014 anyways. Personally, my red card is about to expire and I've decided not to renew it since 64 passed and because I'm really only interested in growing my own. Thanks to 64, the MMC's customer base is going to rapidly shrink during the next year and they will have no choice but to close down and re-open as 64 pot shops on January 1, 2014. Then they'll go from having a shrinking customer base to having way too many customers and they'll never be able to supply the demand. That's when I think some big companies will step in the game and force these trustfunder stoners to leave the industry with much lighter wallets than they had when they originally became part of the industry.

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    Thanks for the wisdom in your remarks. I'm just hoping to make some quick cash if the business was worthy. I got an offer from a friend to work with a guy in Boulder County. I was hoping that I could get on being paid under the table which makes 12 basically 14 and possibly landing a job where I could get bonus pay for the amount of lbs of trim taken. Do the farm owners not typically pay something extra by the pound anymore? If anyone is in or around the Boulder County and in need of a hand I'm certainly open to more options, so feel free to message me and we can exchange backgrounds.

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    haha i think hit the nail on the head saying they are a bunch of trust funders ;]

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    Wanted to move last time when 1284 came in, didnt have money. Now 64.. Im ready. Not to work in mmj industry, but to grow my few ass plants w/o worrying about a swat raid hopefully. Even if they do, for some reason in CO, i feel not as worried as texas laws make me want to have a shootout with em. They make me sick, so i ive decided fuck it, moving to CO. Plenty of same jobs. Woohoo! Plus greeeeat motorcycle roads! :nod:
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    once again, small personal grows will get further tossed under the radar. who's going to give a rats ass re:under 15plant grows anymore. those working the mid-large crops will have more to worry about. licenced MMJ centers that play both sides will probably find themselves on the Fed's first to hit list. Those that stick to the Medical side will still be targeted, but not with a large bullseye on their forhead.

    I went back to the corporate world as well .... the little $$ made vs the pitfalls (constant fear of the feds, dealing with asshats who think because they have $$ they know how to run a business or grow a good crop, dealing with a constant criminal element that persists in the industry ... even though the MMED 'thoroughly vetted' their backgrounds ....) just isn't worth the time and effort. I'll gladly take my salary with benefits and let the asshats dig their own holes.

    there are some really good folks in the industry as well ... but some came into the industry with a criminal mindset and can't get rid of old habits. gotta weed out the chaff
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    Here ya go!

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