Compound HQ's Grows


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Took some great advise from @Renfro to back build our genetics from Ethos. We liked the OKC (Orange Kush Cake) Early Lemon Berry, Dosi Whoa!, and a couple of others from Blimberg, Seedsman, etc. .. Strawberry Banana Grape was shit.. ditching that one this round. Got the room cleared, soil warming up in the processing room, and bleached everything down. Transplanting these clones in the morning... or afternoon, whenever I wake up. We have definitely learned alot over the past 3 runs, and this time, we want to do a more scrog approach. I really fucked up this round by not setting the net low enough. But, I didn't know how these Ethos genetics were going to stretch. We know now. Hopefully, this round will be easier on us come harvest time.... alright, here we go!IMG_4978 2.jpegB3C683C8-7B3F-413B-9EC0-5FA2DDE7A7DB.jpegB00F06D0-463A-43F7-8157-3C54CCD8BE95.jpegB3C683C8-7B3F-413B-9EC0-5FA2DDE7A7DB.jpeg


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I hate inspectors, they are always dirty and contaminated with bugs. Make them wear a lab coat at least and the disposable booties.
Ya looks like you’ve got some bugs and dirt around might want to look into that... :smile:


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Bandit is doing what he does best......................showing off!

All joking aside I wish you more success than you last 3 runs (which were pretty fucking impressive) and hope that the 4th run for the HQ is epic!