Concentrates vs Flowers

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    Should look like this. Bho and other extraction methods dissolve the trichome but leave the sack behind. Full melt breaks off the trichome heads and takes sack with it. If you don't microplane or use the strainer it won't dry fully and cure properly. 3 days of drying on cardboard and shit is fire melts fully no issues. And people who say you can't get potency my 710 cup entry this year for full melt got 68% thc 7045.jpeg
    Afgan King

    Afgan King Well-Known Member

    Oh and first run of 120 micron is melt and normally all the 73 except like 3rd/4th run depends I normally run probably 8lbs+ of fresh frozen when I do I have a 20 gallon washer

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    back on weed. all good folks
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    True Organic flowers should look like this.. Commercial chelated salt growers wipe the natural micro herds responsible for a complex food web that results in a host of natural responses. If you don't care for the bacteria and fungal relationships properly this won't reaction wont develop fully. A slow 14 day dry and full 100 day cure is my favourite, but a few days of each will still allow a very tasty, smooth smoke with most beginner and 'metabolic strains'. This specimen tested at 76% thc at the medical cup today in Canada..

    Jk it didn't get tested yet, but the Medical Cup is happening today til Sunday in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!

    Just hit this today, first time
    Dont even like extracts much tbh but it smelled really g so I was thinking I better try it, make my buddy happy and catch a lift same time
    Don't hit it in a dirty cheech rig full of regular dab residue, I'd dedicate a rig to P.H.O. And keep it small for flavour..
    Not really worth the price at 100/g or even at 50/g imo, but if someone is dropping the coin best do it proper right
    i knew an riu cat would be up on this lol, that's cool.
    Very progressive community

    Although pure herb is still my preference

    These fat bulbs are totally unadulterated

    Even scissors and grinders have become weapons of destruction, lol

    So damn precious lol image.jpg

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    Really here's some synthetics for ya Mr tusk purple drank grown with canna in tupur so while your argument that on average organics will be more caked synthetics can do it if a good enough grower IMG_20160923_220740349_HDR.jpg
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    Damn u paid 100g or 50g lol I pay 28$ a g

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    Lol u pay 28/g when u buy singles? Or ounces?
    It was free actually but I still wouldn't pay 30/gram

    Organic is free for me and nothing beats the expressiveness of it.

    I run some strains organically that my buddies, who've grown wayyyy longer than me, do also, and damn, our shit does NOT compare..

    Smell, potency, flavour, all sky high and three times better, on the gannic

    And if you can grow this good non-organically, you would probably be twice as happy if you went organic

    For you would find even more expressions hiding, I swear man.

    But nice work, very nice work, dude
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    I'm setting up a no till as we speak and my flowers are a mix of synthetic and organic. Inoculate continuously with mycos I use hay on top and have used some teas in conjunction with my synthetics. Shit has blown up by a mile and a lot has to do with the grower I mean me and my partner have both grown over 10k plants this year commercially and he's done almost 300 at home this year and I'm only not in that ballpark cuz my rooms aren't all setup yet. Again not gonna say organic isn't better but there are growers who can hit synthetics perfect and make it look and smoke like organic.
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    And ya 28 a g for singles it's worth it shit tastes out this world I make rosin and live resin and full melt bubble a lot and pho will almost stick with them lol just a lot cheaper. Seen live resin grams go for 80 on the medical side shit was about to buy just terps yesterday for 80 a g lol I make too much hash to buy any honestly I just like pho lol

    Edit: if you get craft pho always look for panacea it's their own line used to grow for them
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    I need to buy a dab bong and borrow a hair straitner...

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    Good rare high quality hash is still a champ in my book

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    Lmao hell yeah that's funny !
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    I'm fuckin stoked for ya dude, congrats..

    I'd be happy to visit sometime and talk organics and check out your guys quality non organic. I've heard good things about you from the boys
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    I'm down let me know u ever in Colorado

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