Cryo Cure: perfecting the cannabis drying and curing process


I smoked and vaped three different strains (zkittles, GG, Trop Cookies) here in Denver and the bud was big and colorful. The cannabis lost a lot of its flavor, and strong smell due to being dried to the consistacy of popcorn. Freeze-dried coffee was terrible at first and has gotten better over the years. I hope they can dial in the process but for now, not my cup of tea.


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Salutations Franklinz,

Strictly speaking from the perspective of a 3rd-age consumer, initially as hashish smoker then converted to dry flowers vaporism, maybe the logical conclusion with industrialisation via LPs is to extract molecules individually and recombine them in order to mimic a desirable profile. That would only correspond to a preliminary phase meant to separate trichome glands from all vegetal substrates (e.g. including their trichome stems) and dessicate the glands before these are re-processed to isolate each noble molecular compound until the palette is ready to compose some "designer signature". This way, starting from purified mono-molecule supplies it should become convenient enough to practically "print" precision-dosing recipes on sterile heat-resistant tape... This implies all external unwanted contaminants & pathogens can be kept outside the final production space where doses are packaged. At least in principle, etc., etc.

As for the option to have our own home-grown rights back, m'well i can only hope better for future generations.

Additionally, if this new processor equipment happens to allow LPs to deal with sterilisation by replacing Cobalt-60 ionisation with it, for example, then so be it!! Even if freezer dessication hurts appreciation features, IMO when making business with "legal" LPs it shouldn't matter much anyway... For all i know, although i personally prefer NOT to get forcefully categorized as "medical" vs "criminal"/"recreative" myself, the medical cannabis users might find it's a lesser trade-off to agree on if it will guaranty nothing alive remains around, for starters. Some day we may be permitted to deal directly with talented cultivators again, but right now we only have a binary choice in my sacrificed province: #1) stay with the "Black Market", e.g. read Trudeau-criminalized skilled gardeners! (LP competition...); #2) financially support bigot socio-toxic predators then show our cards before passing the gate, even elders, just to get screwed up like when facing the worse imaginable "dealer" ever - the type no one wants to call twice. Unfortunately, as if such form(s) of punishment ain't gone far enough, this later "option" involves serving as guinea pigs in a savvy synergy-boosted non-detection toxicity-optimized "traces" experiment in 96 flavours likely to have contaminated statistical data even if we may need decades to prove that, because nobody seems to be looking... Now there's more subtle while i'm at it - it's about THC/CBD ratios near 2:1, 3:1 or 4:1 via the SQdC: those genetic selections just don't exist. So if i must insist to stay away from extreme ratio boundaries as "Full-CBD", 1:1 "Balanced" or THC-centric and prefer any of those then my only options are to buy separate "Full-CBD" & THC-centric bags and perform the blending at home... Meaning 5 x 3.5 g (THC bag) + 3 x 3.5 g (CBD bag) = 28 g (max. legal limit), for example. Or 6 THC + 2 CBD = 3:1 and 7 THC + 1 CBD = 4:1, to put it shortly. The not so evident consequence for this being that even if one reaches his target THC/CBD ratio, to further explore the unknown (...), it turns out that there's presumably a practical limit on the plant's capability to "genetically encode" noble molecules production... In other words the more THC the less anything else, so if that's a correct assumption then even the blending of 2 "centric" genetics still happens to exclude potential for the "ENTOURAGE EFFECT". Since people tend to pick the higher figures.

In conclusion, getting "legal" with Justin Trudeau was a dead end, but i expected tricks even before his 1st elections to be perfectly honest, so...


As for home-cultivation elsewhere, i hope this argument just boosted motivation for those who can still enjoy it exactly the way they want!

Relatively to "the consistency of popcorn", how about putting freeze-dessicated nuggets in a bag also containing some R.H. % regulator, to restore a person's preferred own conditioning prior to consumption?...

Good day, have fun!! :peace: