CSI humboldt thread


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I wouldn't tell someone not to run BBW by any means. I only grew out one bean. Unfortunately that specimen was stretchy, wanted to make way more leaf than buds, and had no frost. Maybe she would've been fire after 14 weeks of flower...

I culled her because I wanted to move things along faster than that, and compared to everything else in the tent she just looked like a turd @ 4-5 weeks of 12/12.

I wouldn't mind doing a hunt through the rest of the pack in the future though.


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Thinking about grabbing some more beans from GLO.

Has anyone recently finished Triangle Kush S1 or any of the crosses with it? I would like to see some smoke reports. At the GLO website, it's listed as out of stock, but I think he can get more if people are interested.

Any recent killer crosses that you guys have finished and have smoke reports? I mean it's nice to see flowering photo and structure, but smoke reports are the most important. I agree with what DJ Short said. Who gives a damn about how it grows or look, but the final product results are what really matter.
The best and most underrated post I’ve seen in this thread so far.


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Interesting to see so many mediocre reports coming out of the Big Bad Wolf, I figured for sure with my experience with his other cd91 and cd4 crosses that the BBW would be worth growing out.

Curious to hear from everyone here who has grown it out before what their experience was, as I was planning on giving BBW a spot in the tent with my next harvest.
Currently running Big Bad Wolf V2. I have a Journal going give it a follow. Currently on day 13 veg so it's got a ways to go.


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677TK x TK day 63
Pine/fuel smell

I have another one on day 65 and a couple 5150tk/tk flowering in a couple weeks
Nice! Keep us updated! S2 seeds breed wwwway more stable than s1, not that triangle isn’t a good breeder(because it is!) it just locks down more secondary traits. The 5150 was selected for incredible high… better than clone only tk? I hope so cause I have a pack of 5150 x purple urkle soaking as we speak


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Hey y’all, doing a big csi multistrain pheno hunt, I know what to exspect from most, but don’t have any experience with the Irene cut, I’ve heard good things tho.. anyone know how she breeds? I got bubba bad bitch(Irene x bubba) I know bubba pretty dominant
Just cracked the Irene x sherb 100% germ,Never grown Irene but she’s an og so I assume she will act accordingly. Stretchy and lanky


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Just cracked the Irene x sherb 100% germ,Never grown Irene but she’s an og so I assume she will act accordingly. Stretchy and lanky
Running a few Irene crosses ATM. 2 beans each of the 91, tk, wifi (only 1 germinated of the wifixIrene), and gg4. Most are leggy like an og. The only one that seems single cola dominant is the gg4. That one has also been the most intersex and is one of the better smelling Irene crosses in my garden. All of the crosses have a similar look to the flowers (purple hues, spikey) which is definitely from the Irene. The TKxIrene is the most stretchy and og seeming. So far the TKxIrene is my favorite.


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got some recently...Triangle Kush S1...5150 TK S1 Triangle Kush..and I think it came with some panama red x something freebies. Haven't run them yet, kinda debating whether to run CSI or Ocean Grown. May have to do both


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Run those Tks1 and 5150. I love almost every tks1 I've popped. And the two 5150s I have are pretty much the same as the tks1s.
hey, thanks...but the 5150 TK S1 just means 5150 Triangle Kush 1st gen from mother(F1), so i'm not sure what the 5150 even is. So basically 5150 Triangle Kush S1 vs regular Triangle Kush S1(which was $100 more expensive for some reason?)

Never used them before, so hopefully you're right