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    Can you decarb weed in a crock pot if the internals reach 220F with the butter


    Do you need to decarb in oven first ?

    Why I'm asking is because last time I decarb in the oven a lot of resin was left on the foil .

    Also how do you make resin not stick so much to foil ?

    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    I've made cannabutter both ways. The only thing I found decarb did was it was easy to powder the weed with a coffee grinder. Oven, 235° for about 40 minutes. Then placed into the butter and heated for about three hours.

    Stuff like brownies take 28-30 minutes at 350°. Every batch I've made that was decarbed was rather weak. Two, 1"x 1/2" brownies might give a shallower buzz. The brownies I made with untreated weed would put people down. Eating 1/3rd the size compared to the decarbed batch.

    I'm sceptical about decarbing weed (oven) then decarbing it again(heated butter) and finally a third time when it's cooked in something.
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    skepler Well-Known Member

    I decarb after I make the canna butter/oil. I use coconut oil, 1lb per 2oz of bud. If you have water in your crockpot. it will not reach 220°F unless it is pressurized. Further, baking brownies does not decarb, because the brownies don't even get to 200°F. If they did, there would be no water left in them, they'd be dry and hard as a rock. After simmering for 24-36 hours, I separate the oil and water, remelt the oil in fresh water to get rid of the green taste and smell. After separating again, I heat the oil to 245° for about 20 minutes. Actually I watch the decarbing take place. Fine bubbles come out of the oil as the CO2 leaves during the decarb. Depending on the age of the pot, decarb could take 25 minutes (fresh buds) to 15 minutes, older buds. When the bubbles stop after stirring with a thermometer, it is done. 1.5 to 2 grams of finished oil is a strong dose, in the 25-30mg range.
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    Genki88 Active Member

    overkill imo.

    skepler Well-Known Member

    Watching the decarb take place is not overkill, it is science, much better than opinion. Further they are 3-4X as strong than if I don't decarb after making the oil. But then I've only been cooking with cannabis for 45 years.

    Genki88 Active Member

    Yes watching decarboxylation is science, I agree. Simmering for 24-36 hours and then decarbing is overkill, imo. But what do I know, I've only been cooking with cannabis for 2 years........

    0621grow Member

    Well can I get a good easy recipe with good details start to finish on describing making butter or coconut oil ....

    I'm trying to get into cooking with cannabis

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