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    I saw lots of rants over the accuracy of this graph especially it being of an n hexane extract and not the bud or trim.
    Personally last week I tried 7 grams of trim in a Pyrex bowl with alum foil and a lid to seal the foil. I tried bumping the oven 210-230 to keep it around 220 for 50 minutes letting it cool then did a coco infusion of 1cup oil 1cup water and 2tbl soy lecithin double boiling for 8 hrs edit: 160-180f
    This time a fifth of that oil felt a bit like shrooms I'm surprised at how well it turned out, cooler temp and longer decarb works better, might try 210 f for 90 minutes next time

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    I like to see the decarb happen. I do the coconut oil infusion first, then decarb at 240-250°F. That way I can watch the bubbles come out form the decarb and cool the oil quickly when done. Depending on how much decarbing has naturally occurred before I decarb it, the time ranges from 15-25 minutes. The 252° curve has a nice flat top, minimizing the risk of overdoing it and breaking down the THC.

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