DHP Presents Citizen Cob 1812 3500k 80CRI Vs 1812 3500k 90 CRI

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by The Dawg, Jan 21, 2017.

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    However Your Also Over Looking R1/R8 And That I Think Is The Most Important is R13 Yeppers Skin Tone. You See Fellow I Look At Light From A Different Perspective. As I Did In My Early Photography Days With KodaChrome 64 In How We Used Different Filters To Achieve Different Effects. Like Softening Tungsten Lighting Which Was A Major Bitch. Also Taking Care Of Red Eye When You Fuck Up With The Flash. Ok I'm Sure Your Scratching Your Head Thinking That The Dawgie Dawg Must Be Higher Than Giraffe Pussy On Some StarKiller. And Let Me Tell Ya Giraffe Pussy Don't Smell Bad. Back On Subject As You Will See In the Below Pics Also Confirm My Intuition That A High R1 And R8 With R13 Combing In With R9 Giving The Plant A More Vivid Softer Light Enhancing The Photons In the 3500K. New Catch Phrase FleshTones And Photon's With Applesauce. In short Growers Like @hillbill And Myself Have Been Fucking Around With Shit Like Cri From the T-8 Days Well That's When I Started. Then When I Started Comparing The Difference It Was That They Was Missing In The R1,R8 And R13 And That My Fellow Hobbits Is How They Make Alphabet Soup Dawgie Dawg Style :hump:

    Damn Laying Some Lighting Wisdom At Your Feet bongsmilie

    Damn @sixstring2112 Must Be Down On Da River Bank Looking For the Next Fungi Shaped Creenis's :eyesmoke:

    90 Cri Damn Don't They look Like Hostess SnowBalls :hump:

    Hey Now Don't Go Sneezing At The 80 Cri She's Getting Some Junk In Da Trunk :P


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  3. "Circuit on board" diode lighting..push connect voltage source points...80-300vac->24-100vdc current driver(s)...heat sinked with homemade square enclosure, click buy on ebay.. had to hire an electrician to plug into the wall (grandma's house.. grandma's rules). Hang light above chia Garfield in gmas sewing room....

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    Excellent discussion!

    Friends I am vegetating my plants with panel with 5 cobs CLU048-1212, being 3 - 4000k 80 cri and 2 of 3500k 90 cri.

    In previous cultures I used a HQI 400W and then a dual agro 400W for vegetation and I'm finding that my plants are developing slower with cobs.

    What can I do to improve vegatation?

    I'm thinking of buying a cobs with color temperature 6000k, what do you think?

    Do I buy vero, citizen, luminus or cree?
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    If your plants are developing slower, it could be that your temps are too low. A lot of people switch from HPS to LED and keep their room temps the same but it helps to bump it up a bit. I find plants seem to prefer 78-82f for me when growing under LED. If temps get above 85f I see some stress and if they go below 75f it slows growth down.

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    I wold think temps might be it also. HIDs produce infrared energy and some of that boosts leaf and soil temps as well as air. All that increases transpiration and feeding and growth. Bare COBs a bit closer and/or ducting some heat inside your area.

    When I switched to leds, I had to make adjustments in several areas. Increased drainage over your mix for HPS. I did need to keep tents warmer. The girls enjoy warm roots and soil temps and for moisture to drain so they can breathe or transpire or thrive. I am remixing some used mix and it is really gravel like with a lot of peat and compost gone, just used up. A very high drainage mix will help in many ways.
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    Hey Whats Up My Fellow Citizens All Is Well In Da Dawg House. My Season Kicked In 45 Days Early Which Is A Good Thang However These Startup's After Laying Around All Winter Is Getting Tougher On My Old Azz Bones. Oh well At least I Have These Two Nasty Azzs To Look After. A Couple Of Day's Ago I Switched Over To My Finishing Formula And The Fade Is Starting To Happen. Were at The Starting Of Week 8 So In A Couple More Updates We Will See Which Lady Did What :hump:

    Haven't Seen The Guitar Man Around Lately. I Hope He Didn't Get Lost In Da Woods Looking For Creenis Shape Fungi :shock:

    90 Cri On Da Left
    IMG_5659.JPG IMG_5660.JPG

    80 Cri On Da Right


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    Damn impressive! cant wait for the final weigh in!
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    That magnitude of size difference is something I did not expect. So much for spectrum being a minor consideration! Is there a difference in the buds themselves or more in the stem and leaves?

    Better than more watts!
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    I Hear Ya. The Bud Density Feels About The Same So Finial Weights Will Tell The Story :weed:

    I Hear Ya Brother And I'm Glad Robincnn Stay On Me To Do A 80 CRI Vs 90CRI. Now In The Past With The Fluro's We Got A lot Of Stretch With Fluffy Azz Buds So The Trade Off Wasn't Worth The Extra Red. However With These Cobs And The Massive Amount Of Photons That They Produce Were Seeing Results That We Like. I've Thought That The 90Cri Might Finish Sooner But The More I Examine My 2 Nasty Azz's They Both Seem To Be On The Same Page. Now I Have Noticed that The 90Cri Seem To Stretch Early And Settle In around The 3rd Week Of Flower. The 80Cri Is Still Stretching A Tad And Her Buds Are Filling In. So My Cob Hommies I Wouldn't Rush Out And Replace Your 80Cri Lamps as They Still Do A Great Job And I'm still Using My Beloved Vero Angels And Their 80Cri. However When I Get Some Seeds From The North I Do Have A New Light built with Gen6 Vero29 4000k 90 Cri 52 Volt Ran On An Inventronics 320-1400 :hump:
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    Anyone watching this growing with 90cri 2700k cobs? If so what results are u seeing?

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    I been around brother,was out with yer friend this weekend mr easter bunny and we got ya some chocolate covered raisins

    But i should warn ya bout this years cadbury eggz cause there's a bit of hair in em this year and they are extra chewy haha

    Ya chop these down yet dawgy ?
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    I'm change my light from high pressure bulbs to cobs. I mounted two cob panels, each with 5 Citizen CLU1212 running with 1.4 amp driver.

    It turns out that I put the plants under 1 panel without dimerizing the plants 30 cm and the development was not good when compared to my 400W HQI.

    Is it necessary to dim the panel with newer plants? I measured the lux at the top of the plants and it was 120,000k Lux, much more than the 25,000k of the 250W HQI I'm vegging others .... may it have been too much light that caught the plants?

    Thank you
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    We Need More Information Pictures Would Be Nice. :weed:
    How Far From The Top Of The Plants You Running Your Lights?
    Whats The Size of Your Veg Room?
    You Using Hydro Or Soil And What's Your Ppm pH Humidity And Heat Of Room
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    Well I'm Thinking That The 2nd Is Bear Scat And By The Look Of the Pictures Said bear Had His Way With Poor Little Mr. Bunny Rabbit :P
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    Yeah lots of bear and big yotes in the area.shot a 62# yote 3 years ago.
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    Now That's A One Big Doggie. Did Ya Mount It? :hump:

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    No i used him as bait and got a smaller female and missed another decent size prob male.my neighbor shot 16 that year and 13 this year and it didnt put much of a dent in them,fuckerz are everywhere. And the deer herd numbers are low in this area.my neighbors and his buddies use dogs with gps and snowmobiles all winter,says its a blast haha
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    I have a fairly tall tent with a height of 2.10.

    I can keep plants as long as necessary. My cultivation is inert: perlite + peat. My tent has 1.20 length X 0.60 depth X 2.10 height.

    Currently the plants are 30 cm from the cobs, humidity 40%.

    The plants are 25 days old, using 400 - 500ppm - PH 5.8.
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