DIY ebb and grow system plans


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Anyone built their own and would share plans?

I think thats what its called. Fills from the bottom up and then drains back. Like ebb and flow but without a table.

Im thinking of connecting each site with 1" barbed bulkheads from the sides. Like this. Just not sure the mechanisms that bring the fluid to and from.

I wanna try a style other than dwc/rdwc so I can run in the summers. I have a 3x6 area for the sites
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I'm just looking into an ebb & flow system myself...This type you are looking at is called a modular ebb & flow I believe. You could buy the control box that has the timer and pumps built in for a few hundred bucks, and then supply your own pots, hoses, and nute storage tank.

I'm leaning more to a flood and drain table though I think...seems like less work, and with flood tables you have the ability to move plants around freely, just like if they were in soil. The modular setup might be nice for bigger plants, IDK...Anyways, I'll follow along and see if anyone else posts anything. Good luck!


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My first hydro setup was something similar to that I made with PVC pipe and 2 liter soda bottles filled with hydroton. It worked pretty damn good. I didn't use a float valve or anything as the flood level was set by the height of the pipe and then overflowed back into the reservoir. The nutrient solution was pumped through a tube to one end and back into the res through the overflow tube. There are many ways to do hydro. I had 4 of these at one time with 8 sites each before I switched to flood tables.