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    No i or every once different but I have not checked out the specifications I want the 70 but is that 36 volt are efficient I would assume in easier and you can run more of them I love her off run more LED's then run glass of them brighter and maybe by running as many here lights may not be as bright but you're covering your area sweet thing is put some full spectrum 3 yr some full spectrum Cobbs in there and your white Cobbs do to times the photosynthesis straight bi adding eBay for spectrum Cobbs pink

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    No ur good i do the sam as long as the bowl cages the same or the chip is the same you're perfectly fine even by helping cut the wire strips evenly well how this first evenly electricity so space them out evenly best car by ever used was a off brand cob and it's twice the size of a crazy ex be 3590 made by a capacitor company 13000lum to 24ooo max 50 volts dc. 3amp max 38by38 chip big come in 27k 4k 47k 55k

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    Hello every one,

    I have got a 4 CXA's from a friend and i will start my very first indoor with them for 1 - 2 plants .

    I think a driver HLG-185H-1400c will do the job ?
    what is the best heatsink to cool them ? considering every cob will run on 50 watt ?

    thanks in advanced .

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    Many 100k pots are actually less than 100k, I had one that was 85k. A 10-15k resistor in series with the pot is common practice. Easy test, disconnecting one dimmer wire will put the driver at 100%.
    We really need a sticky on dimmer pots, this has been discussed many, many times.

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    :peace: a watercooled one seems to be champion in energy efficiency and lowest junction temp. :peace: S6002082.JPG US$ 10,- / 3ft = 30 pcs CXA - if you want 3000W - no problem :confused::eyesmoke:

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    Idk how good thay rr if ssy thay work i trust u but ull have to see they you like longer than a year the thermal management was working if they don't last any longer than a year thermal management was not working me personally I think running the full spectrum chips as I been telling people to come by and with white cob power you will find your self having no infrared or ultraviolet inside white cob. So glad to see somebody else besides real styles and myself that are using 3 watt full spectrum chips or Cobbs full spectrum

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    PS a lot of this times that I put them information for reply I use translator or speech into phone or speak into phone watch a lot of Miss spell

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    Hey again ,

    which brand do you suggest ?
    what is the most common passive heat sink used these days ?


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    :peace: I like these cobs since years, even if luminous efficiency is low(70-85lm / w).
    I growed several times with this spectrum, and had no problems to S6002089.JPG veg. "and" flower with the same chip.
    In the picture above I try to close the spectral gaps,


    wich always exist in the spectrum of white phosphor chips and I don`t care so much about luminous efficiency, because I harvest the heat of my lamp by watercooling + heatexchanger, and energy efficiency is 3 times as high as aircooled led light.
    I think the wireless soldering of the chip in series - is also some kind of new tech in the DIY section.

    So I mix: 3 x 50W full spec. 380-780nm (~1800K)
    2 x CLU048 (3500K)
    1 x 10W (2000K)
    1 x 10W UVA 400nm
    4 x 3W cyan 490nm
    2 x 3W blue 470nm
    2 x 3W blue 445nm

    together in one cluster, wich I can drive between 50-135W.

    I will use 2 x Mean Well ELG 240 C1400A to cover a space of 3 x 4,5 x 5ft high
    with 4 clusters (200-540W)
    During the next winter I will test this spectral distribution(wich is more even and much closer to daylight distribution) to see if additional support for carotinoides chloroplasts (470-500nm) will show any effects or results. ---> see link below.

    @Mathias83 - this is not a branded heatsink - it`s just a rectangular aluminium tube (60x30x2mm) from a metall-shop and you have to DIY, to use it in a very efficient,simple
    and cheap way. (this is not very common and not a passive heatsink
    - as you need a water pump)

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    :peace: Yes huuh - hard to understand, so I`m not shure if that answered what you expected.
    What is your mothers`language ??? Did you tried "google translate" ?

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    I got a grow journal under indoor led growing in the stealth cabinet section.

    It consists of 4xcxb2530s and a meanwell hlg-120-c700 B version with a 100k pot.

    Im looking to wire in a digital readout(im not even sure what i need) of what watts and/or what amps my lights are running at when i decrease and increase the potentiometer?

    Could someone point me in the direction of a thread for this or answer me with a simple solution on what to purchase.

    Thanks in advance

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    You'll need this
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    Thanks for sharing . Would the fan you have in your grow tent not be enough to cool the heatsinks down...

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    My lights are water cooled.
    I have ran them passive cooled up to 600W with the pump switched off but I woldn't recommend it for efficiency sake and the reliability.
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    Looking for cheap driver from ebay... To power one 52V or 68V COB... around 50-80W...

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    Maybe eBay item # 232461090687?

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    For that money I can buy Meanwell driver. Thanks, but I have in mind something Chinese for 10-15 bucks.

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    Are there any good drivers at lower price than meanwell and with dimm options? for 4-5 COBs

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