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    I would like help choosing a driver or drivers to use with these strips. Grow space is 4 x 2.5 and I'll be using an old four bulb t8 fixture as heatsink and frame.

    Thanks for any help offered.

    Won't allow me to share a link........ they are ACUITY LITHONIA 5000K LED light strips from AC light fixture sold in 8 packs on ebay for 23$. I would like to use 16 of them.

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    Most of their lights are under 100lm/W. A waste of time and money.
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    Exactly. Specially considering you can do those numbers with store bought led light bulbs with the diffusers removed for about a buck a bulb.

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    You need more than 40 of the fuckers to come close to a 400W's lumen output.
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    I thought I was finding the same strips used in the above build. Somewhere in the thread iirc he was expecting more like 150/lm per watt. Feel free to suggest other options that aren't far off that price point.
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    Is this parallel wired?
    33 strips
    wire.jpg Cheers

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    Based on what I think your diagram shows I'd say it looks correct.
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    I was 99% sure
    Thank you

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    Anyone tried running 3x Vero 29 B (52v) on a HLG-240H-C1750? The driver has a max output of 146V but 52v * 3 = 156v needed for the cobs. I know the meanwells usually will run 10% higher than rated but not sure if that is more current or voltage or both. Anyone tried it?

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    :peace: I never worked with this driver, but i guess and estimate, that you are hard on the edge...specially with a cold start in the (winter)morning, you risk to see your leds blinking...and your driver is not able to build up enough voltage to drive through 1,75A -
    normaly it helps to dimm down the current a bit, but...

    i would feel safer with HLG-240H-C1400 --- or eg. a combination of 2VeroB + 1VeroD

    To pull out the max. of a driver you need to bring Vf of your design close to the max. of open circuit voltage. (your drivers over voltage protection = 150-165V)

    The last time i did was with ELG-240H-C1400A / DC 86-171V


    in little 3V steps i pushed Vf to a max. of 179V @ 1400mA adding 3W chips to the design.
    my powermeter showed 270W (-20W for the driver) = 250W max. on the wall
    Mean Well datasheet for this driver shows 239,4W rated power ---> only 4,4% more watts increasing the voltage close to the max. @ stable current.
    @ 25° chip temp. you will need 3 x 1750mA * ~51,8V = ~272W
    and your driver is rated 250,25W +/- ?%
    H:weed:ope this helps to make a good decision
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    Been reading for days and am getting closer to a purchase but every day I read a new thread I get a different idea. Hoping someone could lend a hand.

    I'm building a kit for a 7 square foot room, 1-2 plants, thinking of 4 or 5 CXBs 3500ks on a HLG-240H-C1400A. Is that enough light? Was looking into CXM22s or the Vero 29bs too but they're 50v I think. Can I power 4 or 5 of them with the HLG-240H-C1400A, or do I need to go bigger or do only 4 cobs? I just want to do passive cooling. Thanks for any advice.

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    Had this sitting in the back of my closet collecting dust. China led. How many Citizen CLU048-1212 90CRI can I power with these? IMG_20171214_131338.jpg

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    2 or 3 in a row --- if you want higher efficiency
    wire as many rows in parallel as you like

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    The China light came with three of those, and only have four COBs. Is that over kill on the COBs?

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    three of what ? --- do you mean 3 of those^ drivers for 4 x CLU048-1212 ???

    then you should use only 2 drivers to drive 2 x 2CLU048 in series.

    have a look to the datasheet - and you see, that your 4 chips will drive out a total
    ~ 65W @ 500mA (<20% of max current) very good efficiency and no risk at all.
    but never connect a single chip CLU048 to that driver :fire:

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    thanks for answering all my noob questions. So I've got four CLU048's, the two drivers out of three, and a small pc fan. also, the china light came with a smaller driver to power the fan. would you be able to show me how to hook this all together??? a diagram maybe, if possible.

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    2 in series means:
    wire output DC+ to + of your chip
    then wire from - of this chip to + of the second chip
    then wire - of the second chip to DC- of the drivers output

    spent some time to learn the basics in the internet -
    before yo:ou risk and electrocut your life

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