Does a carbon filter go inside or outside of the tent?


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dst you got i have never seen so many right people in my life and none are the same.:clap:
i am a new just wondering if a certain size is best. my grow room is 2x2x4 and have no choice but a push threw.
i will have 2 120 mm fans for intake and 2 for exhaust.
do i want any pressure difference i would think maybe slightly negative so it pushes through without leaking


In every type of filtration (house/hvac/purification systems) the blower/fan is always after(pulled through) the filter.........Without question you keep the filter in the tent, unless it's not possible due to inefficient(flawed) grow room design........good luck
My self built grow room is flawed. Not enough room to put a filter inside. need to somehow push air through a filter outside the grow room to purify air/odor. Any ideas?