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Discussion in 'Canadian Patients' started by Miss MJ, Nov 2, 2016.

    Miss MJ

    Miss MJ Active Member

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm hoping I can use all of your knowledge to help with my mom.
    Shes 53, Breast Cancer Survivor from 5 years ago. Unfortunately now shes been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung & Bone Cancer.
    The tumor is next to her arterial wall of her heart so they cannot do surgery. It is also grown into her bronchial tube and she coughs constantly.
    She has lost 44lbs over 4 months because she is not sleeping or eating.
    They want to do an aggressive set of chemo and radiation for 6 days hoping to shrink the tumor to see if they can perform surgery.

    They have her on morphine, statex, hycodan syrup, zoplicone, ativan and it all does nothing for her.

    This is the first time shes ever used any type of opioid medication in her life. She is a very conservative school teacher so its taken me everything I have to even get her to consider Cannabis Oil. I have her signed up with the Farmacy dispensary right now because the LP oils are crap.

    Can you guys suggest what dosing or type of oil to order from there?
    I'm completely lost.
    Miss MJ

    Miss MJ Active Member

    These are the options currently offered through them

    Phoenix Tears – CBD RENE (5:3) CBD:THC OIL

    Phoenix Tears – (10:1_ CBD:THC OIL (200MG CBD; 20MG THC)

    Phoenix Tears - 1ml THC OIL (500MG THC; 2.5MG CBD)

    Phoenix Tears – 3ml THC OIL (1500MG THC; 7.5MG CBD)

    Phoenix Tears – 5ml THC OIL (2500MG THC; 12.5MG CBD)

    Phoenix Tears – VIRIDESCO CBD OIL – 1ml

    Phoenix Tears – VIRIDESCO OIL – 1ml , 2ml, 3ml, 5ml

    Phoenix Tears – 100MG CBD; 4MG THC
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    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    Hi Kat,

    Welcome, and Im sorry to hear about the situation your mother is facing. As far as dosage goes, start with a tiny bit of oil about half the size of a grain of rice ingested. Wait 60-90 minutes and assess pain. You can always gradually increase but once you take too much some may find it unpleasent, so start low

    doingdishes Well-Known Member

    here's a dosage chart: the white thing is supposed to be a grain of rice. the first 7 days is half a grain of rice size on your finger. then increase from there
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    Miss MJ

    Miss MJ Active Member

    Thanks so much!
    Any insight on which oil to buy?
    There is so many different ratios

    doingdishes Well-Known Member

    can't help you there as I make it for my wife.
    if you want to learn to make it, check out on the right you'll see how to "make it safely"
    I use 99% Iso when i make it because i can't source a good quality naptha. i heard I can get it at Canadian Tire but not sure how good for you it is

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    im confused

    is this you Miss MJ?

    is she still taking all of these meds?
    They have her on morphine, statex, hycodan syrup, zoplicone, ativan and it all does nothing for her.

    I know that taking Ativan and oil at the same time may see her experience worse things Anxiety wise than she did when they gave them to her.
    it will interact with the hycodan...dont know about the others myself.
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    cannadan Well-Known Member

    Please give your Mom a huge hug from the group here and tell her that ... she has absolutely tons of us, in her corner and/ or on her side, pulling for her or giving her a push in the right direction...wanting only the best for her and for her to be able to do her best.

    The fact that you are aware that most LP oil is not of best quality, for what you will need it for,.is a huge hurdle which you have over come already, especially with something that can be,so time sensitive.
    It goes against most people best judgement to think....that they can,have or could produce better medicinal oils at home than, a company with a laboratory filled with equipment and technicians can.
    And where it really starts to show early on in this race ,is during the grow, since the odds are so stacked in your favor, due to the fact ,you will be able to make all the necessary decisions pertaining to your grow , for yourself but again this initially, can be timing dependent
    What it really boils down to is what you are currently doing.....ask as many questions as you need to...
    you will find the group here can be quite helpful at should you end up growing for yourself, there are some other area's of this site,which you may want to make use of as well.
    welcome to the board, and please give your mom our best and there are no dumb questions ask away...usually someone in the group will try and help if they can.
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