Dr. Barton on Oahu


What's up I use him to get my card and hes cool as shit. But I'm on Oahu tho. Don't know if he's goes outter island. But he's the real makoi


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Aloha bruddahs. Not Hawaiian but married a girl from Molokai! People from the island showed me love by giving me a pocket full of seeds. I hope to return one day to open my own shop. Hopefully, on the east end! Aloha!


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Was it easy to get a card from him? I have my last Dr's visit for lowerback pain as well as a couple perscriptions they've had me on. Just curious if that will suffice. Mahalo!


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Yes it was very easy. Paperwork you have plus age, or in my case religion, are pretty solid routes. Just say you smoke anyway and you just wanna be licensed for your freedom.


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I see Dr Greely in Haina Aina. Great Doc. Insurance covered the visit, minus my copay. Imagine that.